Never Never Distilling Co. Has Upped The Ante On Tiramisu With Their Limited Edition Coffee & Cacao Gin

Drink, Eat / 21 November 2023

Bellísimo your negroni’s just got sweeter.

Italy is always a good idea, and since that’s a bit out of my budget this year, I’m going to have the next best thing with the new Never Never Distilling Co. Coffee & Cacao Gin. This limited-time concoction is a collaboration between the brand and Italian maestro of mixology, Lorenzo Antinori. A celebration of the classic Italian dessert experience, weaving together the rich essence of roasted coffee beans, cacao nibs, cacao butter, and bergamot peel, reminiscent of a Roman espresso counter before midday.

Never Never’s Brand Director and Co-founder, Sean Baxter, shared, “Lorenzo’s new venue in Hong Kong is all about Italian football, flavour, and fun, so when he approached us about making a gin that aligned with his vision, we, of course, had to get involved.” The Coffee & Cacao Gin captures the spirit of Italy, embodying the excitement and layers of flavours found in both food and drink traditions.

Never Never Distilling Co. Coffee & Cacao Gin espresso martini portrait pour coffee cacaco wood plinth.

The unique gin aims to transport you to the moment of indulging in a tray of fresh tiramisu or savouring the aroma of dusted chocolate over a cappuccino. With its exciting blend of roasted coffee and earthy cacao character, the gin is tailored for crafting exceptional classic cocktails, especially Negronis.

What sets the Never Never Distilling Co. Coffee & Cacao Gin apart is its innovative use of cacao butter, which is ‘washed’ into the gin, offering a rich and decadent mouthfeel. This infusion allows the earthy tones of coffee and chocolate to linger, extending into darker spices and soft vanilla notes. 

As you sip this decadent creation, you’ll embark on a sensory journey. Freshly ground coffee beans and liberally dusted cocoa powder mingle with scraped vanilla bean and zested bergamot, capturing the very essence of a Roman espresso counter before midday. The taste unfolds with decadence, as espresso beans slowly develop into a dominant cacao mid-palate, with subtle pepper and citrus pine extending late. The finish is outrageously long and complex, with cacao adding a buttery mouthfeel and heavy palate weight.

Coffee & Cacao Gin is available in a 500ml bottle for $79.00 exclusively on Never Never’s website for a limited time. So, if you’re ready for a genuine taste of Italy this summer, let the Coffee & Cacao Gin be your passport to Roman caffé culture.