Coogee’s The Lucky Cat launches bottomless YumCha and bubbles

Drink, Eat, Sydney / 12 March 2019
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Coogee’s The Lucky Cat launches bottomless YumCha and bubbles

Drink, Eat, Sydney / 12 March 2019

The Lucky Cat launches bottomless YumCha for a purrfect dumpling experience.

Millennial catnip is the best way to describe this Eastern Suburbs dumpling joint. Located on the coveted shores of Coogee beach, the two storey venue is a large open space, dotted with cat paraphernalia omitting glowing neon hues. Each table comes equipped with a family-size bottle of the infamous Sriracha hot sauce.


Owner Ben Nott (Spring St Social and Junction Club) is a known international DJ who was previously involved in European club culture before heading to Sydney to work with Funktion One and build his own underground party BLUEPRINT. Ben’s latest venture is The Lucky Cat, where he has crafted a laid-back smooth jazz dumpling palace.

Behind the wooden tiki-style bar, you’ll find a sling of cocktails with amusing names like the Bruce Lee Tea ($28) or the Tom Yam Siam ($20). These Asian inspired cocktails blend flavours like lemongrass, kaffir lime leaf and chilli with traditional spirits to create a tasty tangy fusion. For an easy drinking wine, go for the Oyster Bay Pinot Grigio from Hawkes Bay ($10 per glass). This crisp white wine is a refreshing palate cleanser that pairs well with boldly flavoured dumplings. Beer drinkers have local craft options but the food pairs best with a light Asian beer such as the Asahi ($10).


When it comes to food they’re serving up creative dumpling combinations. A crowd favourite is the BBQ Pork and Duck ($13.50), which offers a smoky char siu flavour encased in a sticky har gow wrapper. Think BBQ pork bun but in a thick translucent dumpling.


For a seafood sensation, try the Yellow Scallop and Prawn ($14.50), which is topped with fresh chilli and coriander. As the bamboo steamer lid lifts, you’ll be hit with the wafting aroma of Coogee beach and five vibrant yellow dumplings. These unique yellow dumplings are sure to brighten up the table with a delicate sweetness of scallop and prawn.


Another vibrant dumpling is the Lamb Gyoza ($13.50), which is an intensely strong gamey flavour. If you are a lamb lover then it’s a must but if you prefer subtle flavours, skip this one.

Vegetarians are blessed with a variety of dumpling options but a stand out amongst the pack is the Mushroom ($12.50). The intense umami flavour of the mushroom is somewhat more satisfying then meat could ever be. No need for soy sauce with these as they are quite salty but a squirt of Sriracha and you’ll reach flavour paradise.


The Shanghai Soup Pork ($13.50) is similar to a Xiaolongbao. Warning: get your napkin ready to catch the spray of warm pork broth that explodes out as you bite down into this delicious morsel. These dumplings float in a delicate stock of fresh chilli and chives. With one bite, you’ll float too.


If you aren’t a dumpling lover try the Peking Duck Pancakes ($8). The tightly packed cigar shaped pancakes are filled with a generous heap of sticky hoisin sauce and juicy warm duck. Another non-dumpling option is the vegetable or pork Spring Rolls ($6.5), which look golden and crunchy.

If you want to try all these options and more, you’re in luck. The Lucky Cat has recently launched a Bottomless YumCha ($89), which is accompanied by two hours of bottomless bubbles. If you lack self-control (no judgement), they also offer a Four Course YumCha ($69), which is served with a glass of bubbles.

Bottomless YumCha is available is available 7 days a week, 12pm-4pm.

If you love dumplings, spice and all things nice, then a visit to The Lucky Cat is a must.