KOKO KAWAII: Sydney’s Beloved Artistic Café Infused With Japanese Flair

Cafes, Sydney / 16 August 2023

Tucked away in Chippendale, there’s a little treasure making big waves on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. It goes by the name KOKO KAWAII, an art cafe where creativity meets the flavours of Japan. Stepping into KOKO KAWAII, you’re welcomed by an ambiance that’s brimming with creativity and charm.

Among the array of exciting activities they offer, one standout is the chance to ‘Paint Your Own Cookies.’ Armed with a paintbrush, you can transform simple cookies into edible works of art. Once your artistic masterpiece is done, just let the cookie dry and relish in the visual and delicious satisfaction.

KOKO KAWAII also offers the one-of-a-kind opportunity to ‘Pick Your Art.’ The cafe’s walls are adorned with an assortment of art supplies waiting to be chosen. With the Art Trolley at your disposal, you can create in the cosy ambiance of the cafe.

If you’re up for embracing the messier side of creativity, the ‘Splash Room’ awaits. Immerse yourself in a realm of paint, embracing experimentation without needing any prior skills. The liberation to unleash your creativity without limits is truly invigorating.

And let’s not overlook the ‘DIY Keychain Station,’ where you can fashion personalised keychains from an assortment of materials, beads, and charms. It’s an opportunity to take home a tangible keepsake from your time at KOKO KAWAII.

Looking for something to fuel your creativity? Their drink selections read like a vibrant painting – from the  Loaded Unicorn Milkshake to the Peach Lychee Jelly Pea Tea. The menu features a variety of Japanese-inspired options including Mango Matcha Latte and the homemade Strawberry and Kiwi Tea.

Taking the spotlight on KOKO KAWAII’s menu is the Japanese delight known as Taiyaki. These treats encompass a deep cultural heritage and stand as a symbol of good luck. Choose from savoury options like Bacon & Egg and Chicken & Cheese to sweets options like Apple Pie, Oreo & Chocolate Custard, and the classic Strawberry.

Whether you’re an artist seeking inspiration or you’re looking to taste Japanese goodies, this haven welcomes you seven days a week! Find out more here.

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