KOI Dessert Bar, Kensington Street

Eat, Restaurants, Sydney / 14 November 2016

KOI Dessert Bar adds a sweeter flavour to Kensington Street.

KOI Dessert Bar is a stand-out addition to Kensington Street’s foodie runway. 2015 Masterchef contestant Reynold Poernomo shines with innovation at his two story dessert bar. The ground floor resembles a patisserie-style cafe, where take-away desserts and sit-down treats fly out the door from 10am til 10pm. The upper level offers a set-menu restaurant with dinner and dessert options available, and some creative drinks from the bar to match.
The restaurant’s 4-course set dessert menu is treated with equal respect to a set-menu dinner course, giving KOI an authentic edge to dessert bars. The $65 per head menu consists of an array of creative concoctions. Cauliflower gelato with lavender honeycomb and coconut yoghurt with white chocolate and passionfruit make an appearance. You’ll also be served some delicious “moss”, a creative dessert that merges pistachio mousse, caramel, white chocolate matcha, apple blossom jelly and a whole lot more! Everyone’s favourite, “PB&J” of course makes the menu, with caramelised brioche, peanut creme, strawberry and almond gelato.
The dinner menu is handled by his brother Arnold Poernomo. With a set dinner menu for $77 per head, you will receive a 6-course extravaganza. Expect Asian-infused mixed contemporary dishes like chicken mince with pickelled cabbage, king prawns and mussels, and spiced lamb. Naturally, you’ll then be treated to another 3 desserts. Jellies, smoked banana gelato, and a citrusy vanilla sponge are just some of the items to expect.
Drinks are taken care of by third brother, Ronald Poernomo. With creative cocktails like mandarin and blood orange with manuka honey, and a take on a liquid mascarpone tiramisu.
The restaurant is also BYO with a $3 corkage fee.
With a flower garden decorating the front of the patisserie and the modern structure of the upper level restaurant, KOI Dessert Bar is the perfect balance of savoury and sweet.
KOI Dessert Bar
46 Kensington St, Chippendale NSW 2008, (02) 9212 1230, Open Tuesday – Sunday, Cakes and Coffee 10am to 10pm, Dinner 6pm to 9:30pm