Kangaroo Island Spirits Unveils Exquisite First Harvest Juniper Gin

Cool Sh*t, Drink / 6 November 2023

Kangaroo Island Spirits’ super limited First Harvest Juniper Gin is a unique, 100% Australian-grown gem that encapsulates the island’s biodiversity and climate.

In the world of gin aficionados, the thrill of discovering a new bottle is akin to uncovering hidden treasure. Today, we are delighted to introduce Australia’s first dedicated gin distillery and their latest addition – Kangaroo Island Spirits’ First Harvest Juniper Gin. This limited collection promises to ignite the senses with a unique blend of 100% Australian-grown, single-sourced juniper.

Nestled off the mainland of South Australia, Kangaroo Island boasts unparalleled natural beauty and diversity. Over a third of the island is dedicated to nature reserves, serving as a sanctuary for native wildlife, including sea lions, koalas, and an array of bird species. This pristine environment has now inspired an extraordinary gin, encapsulating the essence of Kangaroo Island’s biodiversity and climate.

The First Harvest Juniper Gin, as its name suggests, is a product of the island’s rich heritage and commitment to quality. Crafted exclusively from Australian-grown, single-sourced common juniper, these juniper bushes thrive at the Kangaroo Island Spirits distillery in Cygnet River. This gin is truly a labour of love, and the result is a testament to the region’s natural abundance.

Charlie Schmidt, the head distiller since 2021, emphasises the importance of sourcing ingredients from the immediate surroundings: “As with all our products, we looked to our immediate surroundings for inspiration. Fortunately for us, the original founders had the foresight to plant a number of common juniper bushes, along with an incredible garden loaded with ingredients that we could use in our gins. For our First Harvest Juniper Gin, we chose ingredients that would complement the locally grown juniper, add complexity, as well as showcase the range of flavours we have in our garden.”

The result is a gin that not only boasts the quintessential juniper notes but also a unique complexity, showcasing the flavours derived from the distillery garden’s botanicals. Kangaroo Island Spirits have meticulously selected a range of these botanicals to harmonise with the juniper, elevating the gin to unparalleled heights of taste and aroma.

For those eager to experience this exquisite creation, Kangaroo Island Spirits offers a limited collection of 700ml bottles, available exclusively online via their website. Priced at $99.99, this is a rare opportunity to secure a piece of Kangaroo Island’s gin history.

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