Kanade, Sydney’s Charming New Japanese Restaurant

Eat, Restaurants, Sydney / 24 May 2023
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Kanade, Sydney’s Charming New Japanese Restaurant

Eat, Restaurants, Sydney / 24 May 2023

Immerse yourself in the harmonious delights of Kanade on Clarence Street.

Nestled in the heart of Sydney’s bustling CBD, Kanade is a hidden gem that invites you to experience the fusion of Japanese cuisine and culture. Inspired by a deep appreciation for the intricacies of Japan’s rich culinary traditions, Kanade blends traditional flavours with contemporary twists, all while offering a unique ambiance reminiscent of retro Tokyo.

As you step into Kanade, you’ll be greeted by the warm embrace of red beams that transport you to a bygone era. These beams pay homage to the iconic torii gates of Japan, symbolising a transition into a world where culinary artistry takes center stage. The dark red and black tones, coupled with vibrant neon lighting, further contribute to the Tokyo bar atmosphere.

Kanade’s innovative “Tokyo Noon” and “Tokyo Twilight” concepts seamlessly cater to both lunchtime cravings and evening rendezvous. Whether you’re seeking a quick lunch or planning a romantic date night, this culinary haven in the CBD has got you covered.

Under the guidance of the talented head chef, Hideki Okazaki, Kanade’s menu delights with a symphony of flavours. Drawing from his experience in Michelin-starred restaurants and Italian cuisine, Chef Okazaki infuses an Italian twist into some of the dishes. One standout dish is the Chicken Karaage, where the crispy fried chicken is complemented by the tangy citrus flavours of yuzu mayo. For a more indulgent option, the Roasted Duck Breast, accompanied by corn salad and sesame miso sauce, offers a delightful combination of textures and tastes.

An intriguing blend of cultures awaits you with the Fluffy Miso Cream Carbonara, featuring bacon and an onsen egg. This innovative dish seamlessly intertwines Japanese flavours with an Italian classic. The Wagyu Beef Steak with yakiniku sauce showcases the utmost refinement and culinary techniques.

No meal at Kanade is complete without exploring their expertly crafted drinks list. Collaborating with the acclaimed teams from Maybe Sammy and Tetsuya, Kanade offers unique Japanese-inspired cocktails that perfectly complement the flavours of the cuisine. A standout on the menu is the Sake Cask which is designed for sharing, featuring a delicious blend of coconut rum and pineapple.

For those seeking a more intimate dining setting, Kanade provides semi-private dining rooms ideal for corporate gatherings or special occasions. Alternatively, you can choose to sit at the 360-degree sushi counter, where you can witness the sushi chefs at work.

Kanade also offers the enchanting experience of Kaiseki, a multi-course Japanese dining affair. Available exclusively for twelve guests each week, this meticulously crafted culinary journey will transport you to the heart of Japan’s gastronomic traditions.

Kanade welcomes diners for lunch Monday to Friday and dinner Monday to Saturday. Find out more here.