Johnny Fontane's, Stanley Street Darlinghurst

Drink, Sydney / 15 March 2017

Johnny Fontane’s has taken his Godfather’s advice, bringing Sydney an offer we cannot refuse.

Listen up Sydney siders, there’s a new guy in town and his name is Johnny Fontane’s. In a traditional Sydney terrace, on Darlinghurst’s newly gentrified Stanley Street, you will cross seas and travel through decades. From Chicago, to Sicily, with a detour through Cuba, Johnny has brought you straight into the hub of the mafia. This King of Swing and mafia kingpin takes you into a world of pleasures both guilty and innocent. And for that, we raise our modern classic twist Negroni ($18).
Johnny Fontane’s has hit the Sydney scene all thanks to the owner of Sydney’s iconic Catmosphere Cat Cafe, Thomas Derricott. He encapsulates Johnny’s as “If Vito Corleone, Ella Fitzgerald and Biggie Smalls were to meet for a smoke and a cocktail, Johnny Fontane’s would be the place.” The best part about it is, this time the whole family is invited, even those with allergies.
Johnny Fontane's
Johnny Fontane’s is attracting individuals to a world of four dimensions created by interior stylist ‘The Sourceress’ (Belinda Cendron). Downstairs, join the likes of Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. at the Rat-Pack swing themed bar. In need of some stylish respite? Head into the open air of the citrus tree and dramatic vine decorated Sicilian style courtyard. Johnny even went as far as sourcing these vines from the film set of The Great Gatsby. If you’re game enough to get into the thick of it, the “gangster lounge” is yours to do some wining and dining, just be sure not to lock eyes with the wrong guy. If you’re lucky enough to not have stepped on any toes, make your way onto the Cuban-esque retro-resort cigar deck to cap off the night. Be sure to keep an eye out for any cheeky references to The Godfather, such as the mounted horses head.
Johnny Fontane's
Although the first major Sydney venue to serve Al Capone’s favourite Chicago deep dish, chef Cy Gwynne, a Longrain ex-pat, has added his own spin to this half pizza, half pie. Stick with tradition and order the ‘Capone’ ($28) – the original Chicago deep dish of pork and veal meatballs. Or if you’ve heard it all before, go ‘Gambino’ ($28) with a vegetarian option of marinated mushrooms and grilled zucchini. For a lighter, safer bet, graze away on a selection of antipasti ($13) or arancini ($10). After all, revenge is a dish best served deep.
Johnny Fontane's
Whether you’re heading out for a night out in High Society, or looking for a Blood Bath, The Bear Bar’s owner Andy Curtis has devised a drinks menu just for you. Johnny Fontane’s brings you specialty signature cocktails, staying true to the mafia with Italian liquors. Sip on a High Society ($18) for a Tanqueray gin mix with roses, lime jam, chopped cucumber, St Germain Elderflower and Grapefruit bitters, finished off with Prosecco and fresh mint. Or perhaps take a Blood Bath ($18) of Absolut Peppar Vodka with tomato juice, blended with Johnny’s spices, topped with pickle and biltong. A selection of wines and craft beers, fitting from both Italy and the US, are also up for offer.
Come and try your luck at Johnny Fontane’s, where the innocent mingle with the guilty. Swing and sway your way into the next day, in a backdrop of smooth Italian Jazz and hip hop beats. Here’s to making it out alive.
Johnny Fontanne’s
77 Stanley Street, Darlinghurst, NSW 2010, 0450 701 485, Tuesday-Thursday 4pm-12am, Friday-Saturday 12pm-12am, closed Sundays.
Want to know more? Go to the Johnny Fontanne’s official website.