Tiles, Bites, and Blue, Celebrate Lunar New Year in Style At The Johnnie Walker Mahjong Club

Drink, Events, Sydney / 16 January 2024

Sharpen your wit, savour exquisite flavours, and embrace the Year of the Dragon at Sydney’s chicest mahjong pop-up.

Lunar New Year promises a time for joyous reunions, vibrant traditions, and of course, delectable feasts. This year, Sydney gets a unique celebration that seamlessly blends these elements – the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Mahjong Club.

Hosted by acclaimed chef Dan Hong and charismatic Crazy Rich Asians actor Remy Hii, this one-night-only event on February 17th transforms Establishment into a vibrant haven for mahjong enthusiasts and cultural adventurers alike. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a curious newcomer, the Club invites you to step into a world of elegant tile-clacking and culinary indulgence.

Forget the stiff banquet halls of yore. Here, amidst a stylish blue-washed space that blends the Establishment’s classic architecture with contemporary Chinese designs, the focus is on relaxed enjoyment. Hong has crafted a playful menu of six bite-sized delights designed to be savoured while strategising your next move. King crab and scallop dumplings offer a luxurious taste of prosperity, while rock lobster bao with ginger and shallot tantalise with their succulent filling. Prawn toast gets a glamorous makeover with melt-in-your-mouth otoro tuna belly and finger lime, and the hot & numbing wagyu skewer promises a fiery kick that lingers long after the last tile is placed.

It’s not just the food that speaks of tradition with a modern twist. Merivale mixologist Jonathan Liu has designed a trio of bespoke cocktails that complement Hong’s menu and highlight the smooth sophistication of Johnnie Walker Blue Label. The Hi-Prosperity refreshes with notes of ginger, yuzu, and chrysanthemum, while the Blue Wishes indulges your sweet tooth with apple and rose honey topped with champagne. For a truly unique experience, try the Peace and Peaches, where Scotch meets clarified coconut milk, peach, and pandan.

“For me, Lunar New Year is all about connection,” says Remy Hii, the charming host of the evening. “And what better way to connect than over a game of mahjong, delicious food, and good company? This Club is an opportunity to celebrate our cherished traditions in a stylish and contemporary setting, whether you’re a master player or simply looking for a taste of Lunar New Year magic.”

Secure your seat at the Johnnie Walker Mahjong Club with one of three experiences, starting at $170. Advanced players can hone their skills, newcomers can learn the ropes, and spectators can soak in the festive atmosphere – all while savouring a four-course symphony of flavours and a signature cocktail. Craving a lighter indulgence? Opt for the $60 package, featuring a cocktail and a complimentary amuse-bouche.

Beyond the games and the exquisite bites, the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Mahjong Club offers a chance to immerse yourself in the spirit of the Year of the Dragon. Limited-edition bottles of Johnnie Walker Blue Label, adorned with the mythical creature’s image, will be available for purchase, echoing the theme of creativity and vibrancy.

Whether you’re a mahjong aficionado, a foodie with a discerning palate, or simply someone seeking a different celebration for the Lunar New Year. The tiles await, and so does a night of exquisite memories.