Rooftop at QT Presents A Refreshing Treat For Spritz Enthusiasts

Bars, Cool Sh*t, Play, Travel / 15 January 2024

Sip, savour, and soak in the sunshine on QT Newcastle’s rooftop as they unveil the ‘Summer of Spritz’.

As the temperatures rise, there’s no better way to embrace the summer vibes than by heading north to the coastal gem of Newcastle. This season, the city is not only offering its breathtaking beaches and premium dining experiences but has also become home to the ultimate summer hotspot – Rooftop QT’s ‘Summer of Spritz.’

Nestled in the heart of the city, QT, a 5-star hotel located in the iconic 113-year-old David Jones building, has transformed its premier rooftop into a spritz lover’s paradise. The quirky design and modern rooms of QT have always set it apart, and now, the addition of the Summer of Spritz makes it an irresistible destination for those seeking a luxurious and refreshing summer escape.

Partnering with Aperol, the rooftop offers a curated selection of spritzes to cater to every palate. From the classic Aperol Spritz to the zesty Campari Spritz, the refreshing SKYY Spritz, and even a non-alcoholic Crodino Spritz – there’s a sip for everyone. The dazzling skyline views of Newcastle’s scenic harbour provide a stunning backdrop to your spritz experience, creating an ambiance that seamlessly blends relaxation and excitement.

The Summer of Spritz is not just about drinks; it’s a holistic experience. Rooftop QT’s Executive Chef Shayne Mansfield has curated a delectable menu of bar bites to pair perfectly with your spritz selection. Indulge in delights such as fish wings, mother fungus mushrooms, and a deluxe touch of confit duck hotdog, making your afternoon a flavourful journey.

For those looking to extend their weekend revelries, Sundays at Rooftop QT are extra special. The rooftop comes alive with the beats of DJs, adding a rhythmic soundtrack to your spritz-infused moments. The combination of panoramic views, delightful drinks, and lively music creates an atmosphere that is both chic and relaxing.

The Summer of Spritz extravaganza is available seven days a week, ensuring you can indulge whenever the mood strikes. Whether it’s a weekday wind-down or a weekend celebration, the doors of Rooftop QT welcome walk-ins to experience the magic until February 29, 2024. Operating hours vary throughout the week, so plan your visit accordingly. Find out more here.