Jimmy Brings Is Solving The ‘Toilet Paper Crisis’ One Roll At A Time

Cool Sh*t, Sydney / 6 March 2020

Booze delivery service Jimmy Brings has started delivering toilet paper in the wake of recent supermarket shortages.

It’s been a crazy start to 2020. From the recent bushfires that swept across regional Australia to the sudden global outbreak of the coronavirus, there has been plenty of big news stories in the past few weeks. But, one of the most unexpected headlines to break in the past week has been Australia’s widespread shortage of toilet paper. Seriously.

With fears that the coronavirus may cut Australia’s supply to essential goods, Aussies have been taking drastic measures to ensure they don’t miss out on their weekly groceries. In fact, panic buying has been happening in supermarkets across the country, with shelves left bare of long-life products like canned veggies, pasta, long-life milk, cereals and more.

Despite health authorities cautioning Australians against ‘panic-buying’ tactics, thousands have flocked to their local supermarket to stockpile goods in case of an emergency. Scenes of empty shelves have been flooding social media feeds, with scenes of frantic shoppers chasing supermarket staff to grab everything and anything. But the biggest shortage across the country? Toilet paper.

Thankfully, Sydneysiders can now turn to the legends at booze delivery service Jimmy Brings if they find themselves short on TP. In a statement from Jimmy Brings, the company says “we’re not sure what people think they need all this toilet paper for… but we’re here to help when your local supermarket is totally OUT.”

Alongside your usual bottles of vino and beer, you’ll now find the option to purchase rolls of 2 ply wrapped toilet paper ($2.99 per roll). As Jimmy Brings explains, “this Individually Wrapped 2 ply roll is surprisingly smooth to touch, perfect for those emergency situations when you can’t leave the house.. or can’t find ANY Toilet Paper in Sydney.”

The best bit? The Jimmy Brings team will be able to deliver these rolls directly to your door within 30 minutes. Plus, they’ll also be donating $1 from every roll sold to the UNICEF Coronavirus Appeal. Get in quick, these rolls are limited in-stock and are set to sell out fast. Find out more here.