Want to book your own private jet? Yes, you can with InstaJetz

Cool Sh*t, Sydney / 8 October 2019

Live the luxe life with InstaJetz, the new flight booking platform that’s just landed in Australia.

It’s a joke we’ve all made. Whether we’re running late to a family lunch or stuck in traffic, the idea of hiring a private jet to get us there is something only most of us can dream about. Well, this is, until now.

Meet InstaJetz, the Australian travel company that has just announced a brand new service we’ll all want to experience. Forget squeezing into crowded rows in economy and wishing you’d paid the extra $15 for snacks, drinks and in-flight entertainment. Meet the new booking platform that’s going to give you the ticket to the best flight experience you’ve had. Seriously.

So, what’s on offer? InstaJetz has just launched a new private jet and helicopter booking platform to help you chase memorable moments with your mates. This handy new platform lets you book empty leg flights or even an entire aircraft to take your crew to any destination across the country. How do they do it? The company capitalise on what’s called an ’empty leg’, the return portion of a one-way private charter flight where the plane needs to reposition itself for its next customer or return to home base. To help the operator recoup costs on an otherwise empty plane, you can book a seat on the plane. Genius.

InstaJetz have partnered with a string of premium aircraft operators to make it all happen. By simply logging on and using the platform, you’ll be able to compare available empty leg flights and select the most cost-effective solution for your trip. Plus, you can even book entire aircraft to help your extravagant event ideas come to life.

The process to book is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply browse the available flights and aircraft models, request when and where you want to fly, receive your quote and book in.

To learn more about InstaJetz and to browse their current offering, click here