The Indigo Project, Surry Hills

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Get your Sh*t together at the Indigo Project.

Have you been a bit all over the place lately? Feeling anxious and stressed? Is your mind in the clouds? The Indigo Project is a fresh new boutique psychology and mindfulness studio based in Surry Hills who are here to get your s**t together. Their vision is simple and straight to the point: help people get their s**t together by utilising modern psychology and mindfulness. By applying the use of yoga and meditation, the Indigo Project looks to exercise the mind as much as the body.
The Indigo Project - The Team
The local Sydney studio offers access to professional and down to earth psychologists and holistic practitioners, workshops, courses and events, creative yoga and meditation classes for those of all skill levels. Plus they have transformative retreats both locally and in Bali.
The team behind the Indigo Project stand firm that yoga and meditation aren’t just for hippies but rather provide essential skills everyone should carry for a healthy, s**t free life. The Indigo Project has come up with a bunch of different themed classes that focus on different areas. This isn’t your average yoga studio.
The Indigo Project - Nap Time

Regretting all the times you skipped nap time at kindy?

Naps aren’t just for the kids at The Indigo Project. The team believe that ‘adulting’ isn’t pulling an ‘all-dayer’ but instead fitting in a quick siesta to get your mind in order. Short sleep breaks can improve ones mood, alertness, concentration and overall productivity – good news for all those who may have had a heavy night before and need a little pick me up!
The Indigo Project have put together a comfortable, safe space for you to get relaxed with some calming meditation followed by half an hour dedicated to napping off that stress (or hangover). A single class costs $12 so skip that Double Quarter Pounder meal and throw it towards some mindful sleep time instead.

If you can’t fight it or flee from it, just float.

Mindfulness meditation is exercise for your brain. The more you do it, the more you’ll see the benefits. And with so many classes to choose from, there’s no reason not to explore your mind. Expert or novice, there’s something for everyone and every need at the meditation studio.
If you’re just starting out and think meditation is just about staring at a wall in a cross legged position for an hour think again. The Mindfulness will teach you all the basics of zen and how you can get it on. If you’ve missed your weekly soak in the tub one too many times, the Relaxation lesson will make up for that by giving you the chance to simply soothe your mind and spirit. Unknot those tired tense muscles and float away. Is this buzzing city getting the better of you? Join the Love and Kindness class to call positivity and compassion upon yourself and those around you.

The Indigo Project - Yoga

Swap the Gin and Tonic for a Yin and Tonic.

We’re told that regular yoga activity has been proven to increase one’s physical strength, flexibility and balance. It also extends from benefits of the physical sense and soothes your nervous system, dissolves stubborn physical tensions and teaches you to learn acceptance and empowerment. Sounds good to us! Shed that extra baggage you’ve been pulling around with you and learn to let s**t go with any one of the innovative yoga classes the Indigo Project offers.
There are classes to unwind and de-frazzle your mind after a heavy week, those for when you need a little more focus in your life or even those for when you need a little more education on balancing both the mind and the body.
Twist yourself into a pretzel, melt into your mat and breathe your worries away with these hour long yoga sessions. Classes start at $22 or for full benefits, invest in a membership to the studio – $40 monthly for all the yoga, meditation and nap classes you can handle.The Indigo Project - Yoga

Let’s talk about sex baby.

Alongside daily yoga and meditation for all your physical and mental needs, the Indigo Project also offers workshops and classes. They’re designed to calm that monkey in your mind so you can enjoy your life to the fullest.
The Mindful Intimacy workshop talks all things intimacy and the big S-E-X. Start from scratch and learn how to connect to another person. The Indigo Project pulls down all those barriers and teaches you the skills to develop a greater awareness of yours and your partners needs in the bedroom. It’ll truly be one solid night of sexual healing.
We all have a little melt down every now and again. The Indigo Project wants to prepare you for those tense moments with their How to Handle Your Freakouts workshop. Don’t lose your s**t over the little stuff. Grasp the bigger picture and discover how to cruise through all those annoying little challenges we meet every now and then.
For all the guys out there who need a little bit more support in their lives, they’ll find it at The Man Cave. Run by guys, for guys. Just a close knit group of like minded characters who are all about supporting and challenging one another and you can find all that in the man cave. No filters, no bulls**t, no judgement.

The Indigo Project - Coconuts

No need to just visualise a tropical paradise – The Indigo Project will take you to one.

From keeping it local at Bandusia or flying away to Bali, The Indigo Project has you sorted if it’s time for a detox from city life. No visits to Sky Garden in Bali here. Just a chance to restore your inner awesome with a few days of yoga, meditation and delicious and nutritious soul food in stunning, exotic locations. Connect with like minded individuals who, just like yourself, want to press pause on life for a bit.

The next upcoming trip is coming up early November with a visit to the Bandusia Retreat at St Albans. To chill by the pool, catch up on that book you’ve been trying to get to or escape on long bush walks, check out details for tickets here.

The Indigo Project.
33 Foster Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010.
9212 5469.
Classes start at $12, please refer to website for all class details and prices.
For information on classes and workshops, please refer here.