‘Tis The Sipping Season With A Native Green Ant Gin Martini

Drink, Restaurants, Sydney / 23 November 2023

It’s time for some martini magic.

To celebrate Australian Gin Week, Seven Seasons, an iconic local distillery rooted in the rich traditions of Larrakia country, joins forces with Barangaroo House’s Rekōdo Restaurant & Vinyl Bar to introduce the Green Ant Gin Martini. This collaborative celebration, running from 15th November to 14th December, seamlessly blends indigenous flavours with contemporary mixology, offering a month-long journey through the vibrant palette of native Australian flora.

At the helm of this collaboration is the Seven Seasons’ Green Ant Gin, a tribute to the Windy Season and the Larrakia people’s traditional food, green ants. Daniel Motlop, former AFL legend and founder of Seven Seasons, orchestrates a symphony of authentic Australian ingredients, including coriander, lime, strawberry gum, boobialla, lemon myrtle, and pepper berry. These carefully curated elements coalesce to deliver a burst of citrus and a touch of botanical brilliance in every sip.

Cheersing to a pair of Green Ant Gin martini's and steak tartare tacos.

To bring the gin to the people, renowned bartender Jai Lyons and Solotel’s head chef, Michael Dabbs, lead the charge at Rekōdo in mixing together an exquisite martini. As the Green Ant Gin Martini takes centre stage, patrons are invited to savour a bespoke menu, featuring delights like a $14 Steak Tartare Temaki with koji, finger lime dressing, and a green ant garnish.

The celebration also extends beyond Barangaroo, with 50 top venues across Australia, each imparting its unique twist to the Green Ant Gin Martini. From Margaret & West Hotels in New South Wales to Vue de Monde & Sunda in Victoria, Sasso Italiano & Rosellas Bar in Queensland, and Sofitel & Fleet Street Social in South Australia, this collaboration showcases the diversity of Australian culture, allowing locals in each city to connect with traditional flavours.

As Gin Week approaches, marked by the changing seasons, the collaboration between Seven Seasons and Barangaroo House emerges as a testament to the fusion of tradition and modernity. So, to start the silly season early, it’s time to raise a glass to Australian culture.

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