Sip, Savour, Repeat: Four Pillars And Go-To’s My New Go-To Gin Returns With A Peachy Twist

Drink / 22 November 2023
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Sip, Savour, Repeat: Four Pillars And Go-To’s My New Go-To Gin Returns With A Peachy Twist

Drink / 22 November 2023

It’s time for some skin and tonic.

Australia’s most sought-after gin collaboration, Four Pillars and Go-To, is returning triumphantly with the third release of “My New Go-To Gin.” After vanishing from shelves within hours in 2021 and 2022, this limited edition is back, boasting a peachier and fancier profile than ever before. Launching on November 22, the 2023 edition promises a citrusy upgrade with the infusion of yuzu, lime, coriander seeds, lemon myrtle, and a generous hit of peach from the native Australian quandong.

Cameron Mackenzie, Co-Founder and Head Distiller of Four Pillars, shares, “It’s an unlikely duo, but we knew we were onto a good thing with Go-To when we sold out faster than Taylor Swift tickets (almost). This year we’ve amped up quandong, freshness, and a bit of peachiness to add an extra layer of complexity.

New limited edition Go-To Gin bottle against peach pink background paired alongside two gin spritz glasses with peach.

For the first time, the My New Go-To Gin will grace the Four Pillars pop-up store shelves in Bourke Street Myer, Melbourne, and Lotte Duty-Free at Melbourne Airport. As an exclusive treat, each purchase from these locations comes with Go-To’s bestselling Transformazing mask – because who said a gin purchase couldn’t be a skincare party?

Zoe Foster Blake, the visionary behind Go-To, adds her signature wit, saying, “Don’t sleep on this: we all know it won’t last. And why would it! It’s made by – literally – the number one gin producer in the world. It’s delicious! Exciting! Refreshing! Iconic!”

This limited-edition gin is not just about the liquid gold inside the bottle; it’s a sensory experience. The serve suggestion/command? Pop on a Go-To mask, layer your New Go-To Gin with ice, a high-quality tonic, and a slice of pear or white peach – voila, a revitalising summer cocktail awaits.

So, why the rush? Because, as Zoe rightly puts it, “It’s made by the number one gin producer in the world.” Don’t miss out on the chance to elevate your summer with the perfect blend of peachy goodness and gin sophistication. Cheers to another season of My New Go-To Gin!

The 2023 Four Pillars Go-To Gin will go on sale online and in-store on Wednesday, November 22, sign up on there to be the first to grab your bottle.