Beach Club Vibes Hit Kensington Street At Gin Lane

Bars, Drink, Sydney / 12 February 2024
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Beach Club Vibes Hit Kensington Street At Gin Lane

Bars, Drink, Sydney / 12 February 2024

Positano to Miami in a city sip!

Sydney’s gin haven, Gin Lane, is extending summer and transporting you to sun-drenched shores with their new beach club experience. From February 10th to mid-March, their Kensington Street terrace transforms into a vibrant oasis, complete with festive lights, colourful umbrellas, and even surfboards, setting the scene for a cocktail adventure around the globe.

Gin Lane 'Beach Club' beachside flight

Gin Lane’s limited-edition cocktail menu whisks you away to iconic beaches, each sip capturing the essence of a different coastal playground. Fancy a taste of Amalfi Coast glamour? The “Positano Spiaggia” combines gin, limoncello, and kaffir lime, served in an ice cream glass on a bed of edible sand – a playful nod to the region’s famous gelato. Feeling the Aloha spirit? Sip the “Hawaii Sounds of the Sea” from a conch glass, a tropical twist on the classic Mai Tai.

Travel further to the Riviera’s jet-set scene with the “St Tropez Spritz,” a blushing concoction of Lilly Pilly Pink Gin, raspberry, and fresh lemon, evoking the glamorous image of celebrities aboard yachts. Miami’s vibrant nightlife finds its place on the menu too, with a cocktail inspired by the city’s iconic mojito and Cuban influences.

Gin Lane 'Beach Club' Positano Spiaggia

And if you’re craving a bigger journey, The “Global Beachside Flight” allows you to embark on a mini world tour, offering a taste of three different beach club destinations in one sitting. Indulge in the creativity of renowned mixologist and Gin Lane founder Grant Collins, who draws inspiration from his global travels and coastal living.

Whether you’re a seasoned globetrotter or simply yearning for a summer escape, Gin Lane’s beach club promises a delightful voyage for the senses, reminding you that sometimes, the perfect beach vacation can be found in the middle of the city.

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