Gifted at The Galeries, Sydney CBD

Cool Sh*t, Play, Sydney / 12 December 2016

Head to The Galeries for a quick and pain free Christmas shopping experience. 

For many, Christmas shopping is the horror story you dread to relive every year. Hunting for the perfect gift on a budget whilst obstacle racing in thirty degree heat is an absolute nightmare. As an innovative and temporary project for those who need a stress relief and fresh breeze, The Galeries has created “Gifted”.
Collaborating with Lenovo and four upcoming street artists, The Galeries invites Christmas shoppers to use their own creative talent to make Christmas more personal. Artists including Bianca Beers, Cherie Buttons, Furry Little Peach and Ox King will all workshop the Pimp Your Paper station between now and January 2nd 2017. By using Lenovo’s latest YOGA book for creating and customising wrapping paper for their shoppers, your creative skills can easily go from non-existent to the next Picasso.
After you finish wrapping socks and briefs in your Ryan Gosling gift wrapping paper, you can stop by The Garden, a temporary chill out pop-up area. Get your ‘doughnut and chill’ fix with Doughnut Time. A new shop has just opened in The Galleries. Lotus at The Galeries, Yayoi and Grill’d are open as well for that last minute shopping food fix.
In addition to artistic lessons and sugar treats, each of The Galeries’ four laneways will be transformed into a visual wish list, making the aggresive window shopper within you feel the enforced craze of consumer pleasures.
As an added treat you can enter the draw to win your desired Chrissy pressie. Simply take a picture of any gift on your wish list from any of The Galeries retailers. Then visit the Instagram vending machine on the Ground floor and collect your unique code. Post your picture to Instagram with #gifted and your unique code to enter the competition. If you’re the winner you’ll receive your snapped gift. If you’re going to spend most of the day searching Instagram for gift ideas anyway you may as well try and win one! 
gifted at the galeries
gifted at the galeries
Gifted at the galeries
The Galeries
500 George Str. Sydney