Get Set For A Summertime Affair In The Rocks With George Street Food Gallery

Eat, Events, Sydney / 6 December 2023

Here comes the summer of al fresco dining.

Bringing the overseas culture of dining on the street-side under the stars, The Rocks is playing host to a vibrant new al fresco dining destination, George Street Food Gallery.

Opening its doors on December 6, the outdoor seating area across from the Museum of Contemporary Art transforms into a haven for food enthusiasts. George Street Food Gallery introduces three unique eateries, each contributing its own flair to the culinary tapestry of The Rocks.

Ho Jiak Seafood Laksa for George Street Food Gallery.

Ho Jiak, a cult favourite and hatted restaurant, invites diners on a journey through Malaysian street food. Chef Junda Khoo, inspired by cherished memories in his family kitchen, presents bold interpretations of Malaysian classics. From satay chicken spring rolls to the signature spicy seafood laksa, every bite resonates with tradition and nostalgia.

Los Fridos Chilaquile at George Street Food Gallery.

Los Fridos, curated by Mexican food purveyor Diego Luna, brings the authentic flavours of Mexico to The Rocks. Indulge in chilaquiles, flautas, and tamales, accompanied by truly authentic Mexican cacao. It’s as legit as it gets without leaving Sydney.

Love Child Brioche Roll at George Street Food Gallery.

Adding to the trio is the innovative Love Child, a venture by Palisa Anderson and the team behind the Sydney institution, Chat Thai. Offering a fusion of Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Korean cuisines, Love Child brings a vibrant and eclectic menu. With induction woks sizzling and fresh fruit slushies, it promises a lively and flavourful dining experience.

George Street Food Gallery doesn’t just offer delicious bites; it becomes a part of The Rocks’ festive spirit for the year. As it joins other events in the area, including the Homegrown Christmas Concert, Laneway Cinema – Christmas Edition and The Rocks Markets – Christmas Edition, it enhances the summertime charm of this historic precinct.

George Street Food Gallery will be offering sunny harbour dining until February, but if you do want to keep the long lunch going you’re spoilt for choice as the precinct is surrounded by great company with the world’s best cocktail bar Maybe Sammy and one of this year’s buzziest venues Le Foote.