ALDI Is Throwing The Most Affordable Night Out With A Limited Time Pop-Up Bar

Events, Sydney / 6 December 2023

Sip smart and spend less these holidays!

Aldi is turning the tide on Sydney’s extravagant pub scene with an unmissable event for beer lovers. Teaming up with BrewDog, the budget-friendly giant is unveiling “Special Brews,” a one-night-only ALDI pop-up pub at Hotel Sweeney’s on December 13, offering a crafty experience without breaking the bank. The event will introduce the exclusive “ALD IPA” at a mere $3.25 a can, showcasing how easy it is to have a quality brewski at an affordable price.

Special Brews promises a memorable evening against the backdrop of Sydney’s summer skyline. The iconic venue will host an array of experiences, from custom merch and delectable Blackstone “Black Edition” deli-style chips to refreshing Froth Whitlams. The highlight? The ALD IPA, where patrons can savour up to three cans at Aldi’s signature “Good Different” prices.

3 of the new affordable IPA's at Aldi's Pop-Up Pub with a side of chips.

This limited-edition brew, available in Aldi stores from December 20, boasts four different hops, delivering a fruity ale with citrus and stone fruit notes. BrewDog Australia CEO Ed Bott guarantees the same top-notch quality that BrewDog enthusiasts have come to expect. The pop-up’s no-booking policy also ensures a first-come, first-served affair, enhancing the excitement for the night. The event aligns with Aldi’s ethos of offering the best value on everyday items, extending the tradition to an affordable night out in Sydney this holiday season.

Besides offering an enjoyable evening, Aldi is demonstrating its commitment to community causes. All proceeds from Special Brews will be donated to Aldi’s national charity partner, Camp Quality, supporting children facing cancer and their families. So, mark your calendars for December 13 and raise a can of ALD IPA for an affordable and festive night out with Aldi and BrewDog.

For those unable to attend the ALDI pop-up pub, the ALD IPA will be available in select Aldi stores from December 20, allowing beer enthusiasts to bring home the brew’s summer-inspired delight.