Gelato Messina Bondi Giveaway: Free Treats, Mini Pops, & A Fridge To Win

Competitions, Events, Sydney / 18 January 2024

Sunshine, sand and free scoops!

If you thought Bondi Beach in January only promised sun, sand, and sunburnt noses, think again. This Saturday, a delightful and unexpected detour awaits beachgoers in the form of a peculiar partnership between Gelato Messina, the renowned purveyors of frozen artistry, and Westinghouse, the stalwarts of home comfort.

At Campbell Parade, opposite Roscoe Street, a gleaming Westinghouse fridge will stand sentry, not filled with the usual domestic staples, but with a treasure trove of creamy delights. From 10 am until 4:30 pm, this unlikely beach companion will dispense miniature ice cream pops in double choc and coconut and passionfruit as well as flavoured milks in classic choc malt, strawberry and dulche de leche flavours.

Free Gelato Messina at the beach

But this isn’t just a chance to lick up Messina Gelato’s playful indulgence against the backdrop of the ocean. There’s a delightful twist to this beachside escapade. One lucky individual will walk away with the fridge itself, transforming their kitchen into a permanent portal to Messina’s whimsical world.

So, whether you’re a seasoned Messina devotee or simply intrigued by the whimsical charm of an appliance on the beach, gather your sun hat and a touch of adventure.

Remember, these frozen treasures, like fleeting moments of summer, will vanish with the afternoon sun, plus any chance to score a free mouthful of Messina sends Aussies crazy.

You can find more details about the Free Messina Promotion here.