Gary Bigeni Pop-Up Store

Play, Sydney / 11 September 2013

Having a deep appreciation for fine art, I’ve been following artist Matthew Johnson’s work for years. I first set eyes on his work at Olsen Irwin Gallery, having stopped dead in my tracks by one of his paintings you simply can’t look away, it’s like an optical illusion. A chroma combination of brightly coloured dots weave forward and back until you feel literally entranced inside the canvas. The experience of looking at his work could be likened to being stuck inside a kaleidoscope…it’s simply mesmerizing.
Bigeni Image 8
Add one seriously quirky and incredibly talented fashion designer, Gary Bigeni, into the mix and you have yourself a polkadot party. Last week the MLC centre showcased the launch of fashion designer Gary Bigeni’s kaleidoscopic co-lab with Matthew Johnson. Bigeni’s garments are completely adorned with prints of Johnson’s abstract paintings, which are renowned for his harmonious use of dappled light.
Bigeni Image 3
If his paintings already appear to jump off the walls, you could say this artist has taken his craft to another level – now they’re walking down the streets of Sydney too. Bigeni, sporting some very vivid multi-hued pants, spoke about the collection like it was his new born child. With perfectly random splashes of colour from head to toe, Bigeni looks like he’s fabulously been extracted with a palette knife from one of Johnson’s more analogous paintings. They appear to be the perfect match.
Johnson and Bigeni are beyond excited about the collection they have been working on, and check out the clothes in these pictures, why wouldn’t you be? The waitresses at this intimate soiree were all rocking the colourful outfits, offering us miniature Gelatissimo ice cream treats and Stolen Recipe Iced Tea.
bigeni Image 4
Bigeni Image 2
Feeling a little jealous of their ensembles, I was already imagining myself on a sunny spring afternoon wearing my new radiant citrus and phalo green kimono silk Bigeni dress – which reminds me, I’m definitely heading back there to buy one ASAP.
Make it down to the MLC pop up store and without a doubt, you’ll be leaving wearing a polkadot Bigeni (if only he made bikinis!)
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