Frank’s Deli Is Where Classic Chicken Sandwiches Reign Supreme

Eat, Sydney / 24 January 2024

Redefining the chicken sanga, one bite at a time.

As the sun gets higher and the beach beckons, sometimes the simplest pleasures win. And when it comes to Sydney summer staples, few hold a candle to a perfectly crafted chicken sandwich. Enter Frank’s Deli, where the art of the chicken sangas gets a well-deserved celebration.

Frank’s champions the familiar, the nostalgic, the “I could eat this every week” kind of sandwiches. Their menu is a love letter to classic flavours, elevated with a subtle “Frank’s twist” that keeps things interesting.

Their ingredients? Humble, but chosen with heart. House-made sauces, artisanal bread, and top-notch produce form the foundation of every bite, promising that “wow” factor without straying from its comfort-food roots.

Schnitzel sandwich at Frank's Deli Summer Sangas.

Let’s dive into the holy trinity of Frank’s summertime chicken heroes:

The OG Portuguese Chicken: Paying homage to Bondi’s beloved Antonio and his iconic burger, this sandwich is simple at its finest. Skin-on free-range chicken thigh, bursting with juicy flavour, bathed in a secret-weapon marinade of garlic, paprika, and citrus. House-made Piri Piri sauce adds a welcome kick, guaranteeing messy fingers and satisfied smiles.

The Classic Schnitzel Sandwich: A nostalgic nod to the Aussie milk bar legend, this one’s packed with all the good stuff. Crispy, juicy schnitzel nestled between layers of tomato, pickles, and lettuce. But instead of plain mayo, Frank’s surprises with a zesty lemon caper aioli and herbaceous pesto mayo combo. This is the kind of sandwich you can build a weekly habit around.

The Waldorf: The new kid on the block, this one’s quickly climbing the popularity ladder. Inspired by the classic New York salad, it brings together poached chicken, celery, apple, raisins, and walnuts for a symphony of textures and flavours. But here’s the Frank’s touch: caramelised maple walnuts infused with truffle oil add a decadent, drool-worthy twist. Consider it the summer sandwich you never knew you needed.

So, grab your swimmers, and your surfboard, and head to Frank’s Deli. Whether you crave the fiery OG, the comforting schnitzel, or the elegant Waldorf, Frank’s promises a bite of summer perfection, crafted with integrity and a whole lot of love. Just remember, that truffle-infused Waldorf is a seasonal gem – get it while you can!