Back By Popular Demand! Four Pillars Reinvents Its Sticky Carpet Gin

Drink, Sydney / 19 March 2024

Calling all pub lovers! Your favourite spirit – Four Pillars’ Sticky Carpet Gin – is back with a fresh twist.

Remember those nights at your favourite local – the air thick with laughter and conversation, the worn carpet a silent witness to countless stories? Four Pillars’ Sticky Carpet Gin, a unique spirit that captures the very essence of these cherished pub experiences, is back for another round.

First released in 2019 as a homage to Australia’s iconic pub front bars, Sticky Carpet Gin quickly became a favourite among gin enthusiasts. Inspired by the warmth and camaraderie fostered within these local institutions, the gin offered a taste of nostalgia in every sip. Now, after a brief hiatus, Sticky Carpet Gin returns, sporting a refreshed recipe from Four Pillars’ masterful distiller, Cameron Mackenzie.

Four Pillars Sticky Carpet Gin Spider Lemonade Cocktail

For this reimagining, Mackenzie has opted for a lighter touch. While retaining the spirit of the original, the new iteration swaps out the roasted dark stout for a more aromatic Little Creatures Pale Ale. This change promises a subtler yet captivating flavour profile, with hints of citrus and tropical notes complementing the familiar resin-forward juniper and deep brown spice notes.

“The Little Creatures brewers have made a beer that is the benchmark for American-style pale ale,” explains Mackenzie, “with slightly tropical and resin-y flavours.” He describes the new Sticky Carpet Gin as a “dense canvas of resin-y juniper with deep brown spice notes,” balanced by a “chewy, malty hop character” and “bright citrus notes.”

This innovative spirit is sure to tantalise the taste buds of both longtime fans of the original Sticky Carpet Gin and those seeking a unique Australian gin experience. The news is particularly exciting for those who cherish the atmosphere of their local pub.

Four Pillars Sticky Carpet Gin Cocktail Citrus

To celebrate the relaunch, Four Pillars is hosting tastings and events at select Sydney bars throughout April. Keep an eye on their social media for details and find a venue near you where you can sample the new Sticky Carpet Gin and reminisce about those special pub moments.

But fear not if you can’t make it to an event! Sticky Carpet Gin is readily available for purchase online from Four Pillars, at their Sydney cellar door in Surry Hills, and at select bars around the city. So, gather your friends, uncork a bottle of Sticky Carpet Gin, and raise a glass to good company, cherished memories, and the triumphant return of a pub favourite.

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