Dine with Internationally Acclaimed Chefs at the Four Hands Exclusive Dinner Series

Eat, Sydney / 23 May 2018

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Simply mention Heston Blumenthal in a conversation and chances are people will recognise this internationally acclaimed chef and his restaurant, The Fat Duck. Awarded three Michelin stars, dubbed restaurant of the year, Best Restaurant in the World and Best Restaurant in the UK, it goes without saying that Blumenthal and this team work at some of the highest culinary standards worldwide.
Now, what if we told you that the upcoming Four Hands collaboration saw a chef from The Fat Duck taking over the The Private Kitchen? Foodies, it’s time to clear your June calendar, as chef Ivan Brehm gets ready to cook alongside Olio’s very own Chef Lino Sauro, 2018 winner of Best Restaurant at the World Gourmet Summit.
For two special nights on Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th June, guests will get the chance to taste some of the world’s finest food and Howard Park Wines, over a six-course feast at the latest Four Hands collaboration. Dishes utilise some of the freshest local and sustainable produce, with ingredients sourced from Greater Sydney and regional NSW producers.
Chef Ivan Brehm is known not simply for his time spent at The Fat Duck under Blumenthal’s command. Since working in this kitchen, he’s been known for propelling Bacchanalia in Singapore to its first ever Michelin Star in 2016. Brehm returns now as Chef and Owner of his first ever restaurant, Nouri.
Tickets to this upcoming event are $120 for food only, and $170 with paired wines. Be warned though, seats to both sittings are strictly limited.
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To book, click on the link HERE.
Four Hands Collaborative Dinner: Chef Ivan Brehm from Nouri
When: Weds 6th and Thurs 7th June 2018,
Where:The Private Kitchen, Level 3, The Old Rum Store, 2-10 Kensington Street, Chippendale
Price:$120pp for food only, $170pp with matching wines included. To reserve your space, click here