Four Friends

Cafes, Eat, Sydney / 5 February 2014
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Four Friends

Cafes, Eat, Sydney / 5 February 2014

In life, we have to have love, friendship, respect and freedom.
There’s a new cafe in Crows Nest called Four Friends that takes it’s name for the ancient Buddhist tale about four animals- the elephant, the monkey, the hare and the bird who work together harmoniously for the greater good. That’s the vibe of Katze Tings cafe where coffee, chocolate and tea come together to create one enjoyable experience.

Four friends- the elephant, the monkey, the hare and the bird.

It starts with a tantalising array of chocolates displayed in the café entrance. Sourced from organic Belgian cacao farms, the chocolates come in different shapes including the caramel flavoured green robot. Then there’s my favourite- the milk chocolate popping kitty –  a Japanese lucky cat figurine coated in popping candy.
Chocolate window

But on this occasion I’m not here for the chocolate or the 40 different kinds of loose-leaf tea.  I’m here to spill the beans on their coffee (get it?).
Over forty loose-leaf tea flavours

Every self respecting coffee lovers knows her Arabica from Robusta so here I was, a novice hoping to get schooled in Four Friends’ Coffee Appreciation and Home Barista Class. The afternoon started with Richard Tho, coffee cupping expert, explaining the history of coffee, the various beans and the difference between coffee fragrance (when dry) and aroma (once moistened).
Then it was over to Katze’s husband Jimmy Ting whose claim to fame is placing 3rd in the 2013 latte art competition. Jimmy showed me the process of siphoning coffee and how to make those fancy latte pictures like tulips and love hearts.

My first Four Friends experience resulted in 6 cups of coffee, plenty of chocolate and lots of short lived energy and i’d do it all again.

Lets get ready to rumbleeee….

Four Friends
5/29 Holtermann Street Crows Nest
0415 068 881

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