Give Me The Milkshake And No One Gets Hurt!

Cool Sh*t, Sydney / 12 August 2015

Sydney has gone crazy over Foodcraft Espresso’s milkshakes!
If you haven’t already seen them, they created the infamous Tella Ball and Tella Ball Milkshake, and you need to know about it.
The shakes feature a Tella ball – a doughnut stuffed with Nutella, that is positioned on top of a decadent Nutella milkshake.
Before their new Tella Ball Milkshake went viral on Instagram, they were creating milkshakes that were piled high with Tim Tams, Oreos and dripping with chocolate.
milkshakes 2
milkshakes 1
Now, bring on the Tella Ball Milkshakes!
Be prepared, thanks to social media these shakes come at the end of a very long line. Be prepared for a long wait, but you won’t walk away disappointed.
tella milk 2
There are also a few other flavours including vanilla bean and ricotta‬, ‪‎five berry jam and ‬salted caramel‬.
We can’t wait to see what they do next!
Foodcraft Espresso
33 Bridge St, Erskineville

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