Father’s Day 2020: Headlands Distilling Co.

Drink, Sydney / 26 August 2020

Give dad the gift of unique, Australian spirits from the team at Headlands Distilling Co.

When it comes to gift-giving, booze is always a safe bet. But if you want to treat your dad to a one-of-a-kind spirit this Father’s Day, we’ve found just the local distillery you need to know about. Located just a short drive down the coast in Wollongong, Headlands Distilling Co is an innovative new distillery crafting boundary-pushing spirits using local Illawarra ingredients.

In fact, Headlands Distilling Co is the only distillery in the world to make a spirit from the Illawarra Plum, used to create one of the team’s signature bottles, the Illawarra Plum-infused gin. Co-founded by four mates back in 2015, Headlands Distilling Co is on a mission to offer a completely unique experience for Aussie drinkers.

The secret to their formula? Rather than buying industrial ethanol to create their spirits (as most distilleries do), Headlands actually make their own alcohol in-house. The means the team mill, ferment and distill everything in-house, enabling them to produce a truly unique, smooth and delicious spirit.

Looking for a unique boozy gift for dad this year? Look for further than Headlands Distilling Co’s signature bottle, their Illawarra Plum-steeped Gin (which is steeped in Illawarra Plum bush tucker fruit for 6 months and then slightly sweetened with native stingless bee honey).

Plus the team also craft a liqueur from these flavourful Illawarra Plum fruit (the first of its kind in the world). With plans to launch a new range of whisky in early December as well as the world’s only Illawarra Plum cask whisky next year, Headlands Distilling Co has big things on the horizon.

Ready to give dad a unique gift this Father’s Day? To explore Headlands Distilling Co’s full range of innovative spirits, click here. 

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