Envision Festival, Costa Rica

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Envision Festival in Costa Rica¬†is changing the way we experience the world. From the music we hear to the smiles we see, the food we savour and the smell of the surrounding ocean and fruit trees. The soulful touch of the Costa Rican jungle. It’s something you’d envision in a dream, a place where magic happens and mindfulness is practiced through sustainable living, positive expression and community.
Envision Festival Costa Rica

Envision Festival- The Beginning

Envision started only 5 years ago and has captured the hearts and emotions of people from all around the world. The festival co founders have created a tropical world rich with thought progressive workshops and speakers. It’s got music that makes you’re whole body smile and a zentastic yoga centre to really bring home the ideals of pure Vida. This year, we were lucky enough to be a part of this community and made note of some of our favourite elements so you can be sure you make the most of the envision magic.
Envision Festival Costa Rica

Envision Festival Music and Art

The 4 stages, transform into breathtaking bamboo structures that both engage the mind and spark the imagination. Carey Thompson’s stand out Luna stage was a true galactivation, with musical performances supported by aerial acrobatics and fire dancers, all to the backdrop of towering transcendent templo-build. Throughout the festival grounds sacred art and murals and interactive walls come to life. This year music highlights included, Austin’s CloudChord, old school trip hop master Sphongle, the spiritually charged Random Rab (who’s collaborative sunrise set with CloudChord wooed the masses), the Envision Orchestra’s improvised musical smorgasbord, Funk DJ Bunny Wabbit, M.A.N.D.Y, and Elephant Revival.
Envision Festival Costa Rica

Envision Festival Workshops and Seminars

Envision curates an incredible amount of workshops and seminars. This year, there was a big focus on permaculture and sustainable living with David Wolfe’s mind obliterating talk rocking the worlds of green thumbs and conspiracy theorists around the world. Co founder Stephen Brookes held an inspiring conference about giving back to the environment and community, both core values, of the festival and founders. Other novice and fascinating workshops included ‘Ways of the Witch, Priestess and Shaman Wisdom Series’, Exploring Dreamtime with Hannah Dyson and a super informative and balanced panel discussion ‘Post Capitalism, What’s next ?’.
Envision Festival Costa Rica

Envision Festival Yoga Centre

The yoga centre is a heavenly space focusing on the healing arts, yoga, dance, movement and flow. Hosting awesome collaborations between DJs and yoga teachers, acro yoga, elemental restoration and vibrational flow you can be assured that you can find the perfect balance of rejuvenation and partying. A family friendly place, with trees and a sought after breeze, you can see why this festival attracts a diverse and conscious crowd who encourage positive exchange all round. Despite the heat, with so many yogis astride you, it’s hard not to feel absolutely beautiful and part of the community.
Envision Festival Costa Rica

Envision Festival- A Place Where Anything Can Happen

Even when you’re just sitting around, taking it all in, special things can happen. Underneath the branches of a wild almond tree, we hear tambourines and a band of paper kazoo players. People start to gather and it becomes clear we are about to witness a wedding! The glittering rainbow bride has eyes that would make the sun shy. In a white feather crown, she walks down the aisle, preceded by the bridal procession – a group of golden ladies, dressed in flowing silks and glowing chiffon – the groom, a handsome, slender man with a smile that would melt ice faster than the heat around us, awaits his best friend and bride. Wearing white, soaked in sweat and sea shells, a cheeky looking celebrant with a face of reason, declares these two illuminated souls, man and wife.
Envision serves up all sorts of spectacularity. To the backdrop of the Costa Rican jungle and aside the Pacific Ocean, you won’t find anything like it.
Tickets are on sale now for 2017