Easy Tiger: Bondi’s Unpretentious and Laidback Beachside Dining

Drink, Eat, Sydney / 3 October 2023
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Easy Tiger: Bondi’s Unpretentious and Laidback Beachside Dining

Drink, Eat, Sydney / 3 October 2023

Easy Tiger is the newest addition to the House Made Hospitality portfolio offering Southeast Asian flavours in a casual beachside setting.

House Made Hospitality has once again worked its magic, bringing to Bondi Beach a vibrant Southeast Asian dining experience that’s sure to be the talk of the town. Nestled on the ground floor of Pacific Bondi Beach, Easy Tiger is the latest addition to their impressive portfolio, which includes iconic venues like Hinchcliff House, Promenade Bondi Beach, and This Way Canteen.

What sets Easy Tiger apart is its commitment to delivering a diverse and approachable dining experience inspired by the rich culinary tapestry of Southeast Asia. Head Chef Andrianto Wirya, renowned for his stint at Queen Chow and Mr. Wong, brings his Indonesian heritage to the forefront while seamlessly incorporating flavours from Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines.

The concept behind Easy Tiger is simple and inviting. For just $42 per person, guests can indulge in a banquet menu designed for sharing. You get to choose five dishes from an extensive menu, allowing you to customise your dining adventure with each visit. It’s the perfect way to refuel after a hot day at the beach.

Among the menu highlights are the Crispy Corn Larb, a mouthwatering fusion of flavours and textures, the Beef Rendang Party Pie, a delicious twist on a classic Aussie favourite, and the Babi Guling Buns, a delightful combination of tender pork and fragrant spices.

Save room for dessert, as Easy Tiger has some tempting options. The Banana Toffee Pie is a must-try, reminiscent of a McDonald’s apple pie but filled with a delectable banoffee filling. It’s served with Biscoff Chantilly cream and a side of vanilla ice cream.

The refreshing cocktail menu will transport you to Southeast Asian islands. Try the South Bondi Tiger, a gin-based cocktail with tamarind, Vietnamese mint, and fresh lime, or the Kaya Colada, featuring light rum, pineapple rum, coconut cream, kaya jam, pineapple, and a hint of salt. There’s also an all-Aussie wine list for those who prefer wine with their meal.

The ambiance at Easy Tiger complements its laidback approach. The space features vibrant colors of rush and blue, with a mix of high and low terrazzo and American oak tables that can accommodate up to 70 diners indoors. Three communal tables set the tone for the casual venue, making it a perfect spot to gather with friends and family.

Easy Tiger is open Wednesday & Thursday from 5pm and Friday – Sunday from 11:30am. Find out more here.