The 70s Are Back At Easy Tiger

Bars, Drink, Eat, Sydney / 4 June 2014

Perhaps it’s the prolonged summer weather, but Sydney seems to be experiencing a certain level of wistfulness for days gone by. We’re feeling nostalgic for a time we never knew, when our parents were teenagers and university was free – so dig out your disco shoes, find your flares and head on down to Easy Tiger.
Oxford Street’s newest small live music bar is hiding under the Unicorn near the corner of Greens Road. The Unicorn, formerly known as Fringe Bar, has changed hands more times in the last four years than Taylor Swift, but it seems this new concept is here to stay.
Venturing down the stairs is like falling into the rabbit hole and coming out in a 70s roller rink. It has all the comfort of your rumpus room, all the excitement of hiding from your parents in the basement and all the low ceilings of a Cold War-era bomb shelter.
The décor is the bizarre love child of Austin Powers and ABBA; complete with shag carpets, barbershop chairs and enough fairy lights to drive an epileptic crazy. Not to mention the strange wall art and unexplainable collection of odds and ends.
IMG_3130 IMG_3174 IMG_3133
The cocktails themselves are as daring as they are retro like the Burt Reynolds, topped with cinnamon and served in a martini glass or the Oh No! Yoko, the Japanese answer to a Moscow Mule. The sweet-n-sour Rock Lobster is another interesting but tasty creation and it wouldn’t be a 70s bar without punch bowl.  Did we mention the waitresses deliver your drinks on roller skates? Win!
IMG_3163 IMG_3136
Easy Tiger has bravely resurrected some finger foods previously trapped in the 70s including devilled eggs and bubbling pots of fondue.  You can also order sliders, pumpkin and feta puffs, goat cheese and tomato crisps, spicy chorizo and cheese puffs or a bite-sized prawn cocktail.
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The music is relaxing; a little David Bowie, a little Blondie. And if you like your finger food with a side of full frontal nudity, then pick a table facing the TV silently playing Clockwork Orange.
What with American Hustle winning Oscars and lava lamps making a comeback, the 70s appear to be back in vogue. Head on down to Easy Tiger where free love, sequins and beautiful girls on roller skates are just what the doctor ordered.
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106 Oxford St