The Eastern Levels Up!

Bars, Drink, Eat, Restaurants, Sydney / 28 May 2014

When the drinks are infused with bacon and the meat is infused with beer, you know you’re settling in for a great night. The Eastern has just launched their ‘Levels Of It’ campaign, inviting you to create your own night of food, booze and entertainment in their four bars and diners.
The Eastern is fast emerging as a multilevel food hub to cater for the lunch crowd or those who come for dinner and stay all night drinking cocktails. The Eastern offers two new levels, GoodTime Burgers and El Topo Basement, in addition to the two pre-existing eateries GoodTime Diner and El Topo.
DIY Eastern means you can begin your evening eating classic USA style diner food then head upstairs to gorge yourself on modern Mexican. There are lots of new burgers to try, southern smoked meats, salsa, tacos and everything in between. Get amongst the sweet ‘n’ sour cocktails and beers on each level.
On level two GoodTime Diner has a more cocktail focus with classics as well as fresh new creations.  The venue is inspired by New Orleans style features matched with smokey southern chicken and sour gin. The Von Tease cocktail is the perfect balance sweet and sour with a kick of basil. The success of this diner inspired the launch GoodTime Burgers, which boasts of NYC style burgers, beers and cocktails. 

GoodTime Diners’ Texas Old Fashioned

GoodTime Burgers offers great Sydney Brewery beers on tap and assorted cider varieties. For something stronger order a Texas Old Fashioned. This drink will excite the senses with bacon infused Bourbon, bitters, smoked maple syrup and some scorched bacon on top. Take a seat in the booth and order the shared smokey meat platter for two, featuring BBQ Pulled Pork, 12 hr smoked Beef Short Rib, 1⁄2 Southern Spiced BBQ Chicken and Cajun Charred Corn.
On your way up to El Topo order yourself an El Topo Basement’s classic- The Smoke and Coke.
There are plenty of Mexican Street-food dishes that are on offer as well as an outdoor courtyard and live bands from Wednesday- Sunday.
El Topo is on the top floor and is the oldest restaurant concept in the building, opening a few years ago. It brings modern south-west Mexican food to the hands of hungry diners. Try the Quesadillas and Tacos, full of pork, black beans, salsa and chipotle mayo matched with one of the aged tequilas on offer.  El Topo is the perfect place to go with a group of friends so you can share food, jugs of cocktails and the bill!
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