Desa Potato Head: A Tropical Paradise For The Sense

Travel / 4 August 2023
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Desa Potato Head: A Tropical Paradise For The Sense

Travel / 4 August 2023

If you’re yearning for a taste of Bali’s creative and sustainable scene, look no further than Desa Potato Head. This beachfront cultural village in Seminyak is the epitome of luxury and artistry, embracing guests like family and offering a myriad of experiences that inspire creativity and relaxation. The 58-suite boutique hotel, formerly known as Katamama, has transformed into the Potato Head Suites, ready to welcome travelers with its warm embrace.

From the moment you step into the hotel, you’ll be captivated by the thoughtfully designed spaces. The use of textural temple bricks handmade in an ancient Balinese village and bespoke Jengki teak furniture brings together ancient traditions and modern aesthetics, creating a sanctuary for craftsmanship and artistry. Each element carries meaning, with custom furnishings, hand-woven textiles, and intricate local handicrafts reflecting the spirit of Bali and the creative spirit of its young designers.

The suites themselves are an oasis of peace and beauty, granting guests access to the Beach Club, daybeds, gym, spa, and even in-room breakfast at no extra charge. An exclusive, long, lush private pool adds to the sense of indulgence. The hotel’s experiential award-winning bar, Akademi, offers curated craft cocktails and workshops. And for a personalised touch, each suite’s in-room bar can be tailored to your intentions – whether it’s a wellness reset or a party recharge.

However, Desa Potato Head is more than just a luxurious hotel. It is a communal space dedicated to fostering creativity and doing good for both guests and the local community. Embracing the philosophy of “Good Times, Do Good,” Desa Potato Head has become a cultural pillar in Bali and a global destination for food and drinks.

The Sunset Park rooftop is a mesmerising spot to watch the day turn into night. Set atop Potato Head Studios, it offers stunning sunset views, local cuisine, and a curated soundtrack blending disco, house, experimental, and jazz island music.

The Beach Club, a favourite among families, sun-worshippers, and partygoers alike, hosts three restaurants, each with its own unique visual and culinary style. From international comfort food to authentic Indonesian cuisine at Kaum, guests can indulge their taste buds while admiring the breathtaking beach views. The cocktails, crafted by renowned mixologist Dre Masso, are a celebration of Bali’s local ingredients and are served sustainably in reusable coconut shells or wooden cups, reducing plastic waste.

Kaum, an authentic Indonesian restaurant, is a tribute to the country’s diverse culinary heritage. It showcases recipes passed down through generations from 600 tribal communities, bringing the flavours of the archipelago to a global audience. The hidden terrace at Kaum provides a serene setting to savour the sunset while embarking on a culinary journey through Indonesia.

Desa Potato Head is more than just a place to stay; it’s an experience that feeds the soul and delights the senses. Engaging activities are scattered throughout the village, from morning yoga and art installations made from waste to sustainable workshops and meditations under the rising sun.

In a world where sustainable practices and cultural appreciation are essential, Desa Potato Head stands as a beacon of ethical hospitality. By merging the past with the present and embracing the local culture, this enchanting destination offers travelers a chance to immerse themselves in the true spirit of Bali. So, if you find yourself in Bali, be sure to make a reservation at Desa Potato Head – a treasure trove of art, culture, and delicious delights that will leave you with lasting memories of the good times you had, and the good you did.

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