Haymarket's Darling Square to Receive Five New Eateries

Eat, Sydney / 22 February 2018

New foodie hub Darling Square gets ready to grow with five new exciting eateries to open in April.

Foodie hubs have been popping up all over Sydney, giving us more delicious variety when it comes to our weekly go-to than ever before. Now, Haymarket’s vibrant new Darling Square gets ready to welcome five new eateries to its urban hub!
Nestled between Haymarket, the new Convention Centre and Paddy’s Markets, Darling Square is designed to cater all your food and drink needs – from your morning coffee to a visit to the library, pilates classes, grocery shopping plus laneway bars or eateries.
With big names in food such as Toby’s Estate Coffee Roasters, Fishbowl, Belles Hot Chicken and Marrickville Pork Roll already making their mark, what new eateries can Sydney-siders expect?
Joining the crew is BangBang, a Japanese inspired restaurant and bar teamed with a Kabukicho-style karaoke room decked out with neon lights.
darling square


Accompanying BangBang is Bexley’s authentic pork gyros masters Gyradiko Bexley, as well as Surry Hills’ favourite, The Sandwich Shop.

Like its sister shop in the east, The Sandwich shop are all about disrupting the soggy sandwich epidemic, serving up delicious sandwiches made from high quality ingredients. Sandwiches won’t be the only thing on the menu however, with breakfast, wraps, salads, coffee and organic sodas also on offer.

The next new eatery on the cards is Japanese café MATCHA-YA. Here you’ll find authentic Japanese green tea real matcha powder sourced from Japan, alongside a range of match-inspired menu items including matcha lattes, matcha fondue, matcha parfait and more. If that’s got you feeling a little too green, a range of savoury lunch and dinner dishes will also be on offer.

The fifth addition to Darling Square is Ricefields, a Sichuan rice-based eatery. Putting a casual spin on authentic Sichuan food, Ricefields are all about capturing bold flavours, offering several dishes with ingredients preserved through pickling, salting and drying.

Watch this space to hear exactly when in April each of these eateries are opening.

For more information on Darling Square, you can check out the official website here