A Cupcake ATM is Popping up During Vivid

Cool Sh*t, Play, Sydney / 16 May 2018

Cash is all well and good, but an ATM that dispenses cupcakes? It’s coming to Vivid and it’s blowing people’s minds.

Whilst you may be accustomed to having cold hard cash coming out of your ATM, have you ever stopped to consider the reward of being greeted with freshly baked cupcakes instead? Vivid 2018 is just around the corner and to celebrate, a pinstriped Cupcake ATM is about to hit the grounds of Sydney.
The all-new pretty in pink Cupcake ATM, dolled out in flashing lights and bright colours, will be dispensing freshly-baked galaxy cupcakes brought to you by Wats On Events in partnership with cake lords Sparkle Cupcakery. You can get your hands on these delicious creations from Friday 25th May to Saturday 16th June along the light walk in the Royal Botanic Gardens. The cupcakes come in at $7.00 a pop.
As for the flavours available during the Vivid Light Festival, patrons can feast on one of two delicious offerings (or both!), including crowd pleasing Red Velvet and Choc Banana.
So how does it work? Patrons will be required to insert their cupcake credit card into an ATM machine and await the magic as a pillowy-soft cupcake will appear right before their very eyes. Guaranteed to evoke plenty of many #Insta-moments, this Cupcake ATM comes in the wake of the recent craze in the streets of New York.
Not familiarised with Sparkle Cupcakery? You can check out their full range of drool-worthy creations by clicking here