Master The Basics of Vino At This Beginners Guide To Wine Workshop

Drink, Sydney / 31 January 2020

Get ready to learn all about your favourite drop at this beginners-friendly wine masterclass in Surry Hills.

Order the perfect bottle of wine can be a tough ask. With a bible of a wine list in your hands, how on earth are you meant to decipher between an Italian Merlot or a locally-produced Pinot Noir? To help you sharpen your vino know-how, this friendly new masterclass is here to help.

Beginners Wine Workshop

Introducing the Complete Beginners Guide to Wine, a wine appreciation course designed to help Sydneysiders learn everything they need to know about the fermented grape. Set in the heart of Surry Hills, the course gives punters a deep dive into the basics of wine drinking. The best bit? It’s designed with beginners in mind and is made to be a fun, friendly and inclusive event to cater to everyone.

Clear your schedule on Saturday, February 22nd from 3pm to experience this three-hour crash course on all things vino. From learning how to drink your favourite style of wine to how and even the basics to food and wine pairings, this hands-on intensive session is just what you need to master the nectar of the gods.¬†Throughout this 3-hour course, you’ll be taken through the basics of wines, wine varieties, food and wine pairings 101 as well as deep-dive discussions including what’s the deal with natural wine, how to tell the difference between sparklings and even how much you should pay for a glass when dining out.

Beginners Wine Workshop

Your ticket ($96 per person) gives you a chance to taste your way through 11 wines (including everything from sparkling to pet nat and all the classic reds and whites), snack all afternoon long plus a stack of learning material to take home after the masterclass. To find out more about this workshop and to book your spot, click here. 

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