Clear Coffee Hits the Shelves Across the Globe!

Cool Sh*t, Sydney / 26 April 2017
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Clear Coffee Hits the Shelves Across the Globe!

Cool Sh*t, Sydney / 26 April 2017

A world first, CLEAR COFFEE, is rocking up to the caffeine scene in a 200ml bottle.

In the past year, the world of social media has been saturated with all kinds of ‘coffee trends’. There have been turmeric lattes, and kooky brightly coloured caffeine creations in hues of pink and blue. However, the cream of the caffeine crop has only just arrived. Arriving in 2017, the first clear coffee to hit the caffeine scene – CLR CFF. At the helm of this invention are Slovakian, London-living brothers David and Adam Nagy.
Inspiration behind the product came as these two went looking for a caffeine hit, without sacrificing their pearly whites.
Clear coffee CLR CFF
After three months of experimental roasting and formula testing, the Nagy brothers created clear coffee. Using high-quality Arabica beans, pure water and natural caffeine, a whole new consumer market segment was formed. Boasting a unique taste and 100mg of caffeine, this clear coffee dream looks just like a bottle of water. It’s slightly more expensive than your average water bottle or coffee, at around $5/bottle.
Offering the distinctive taste of coffee, alongside that beloved caffeine hit, this world first beverage boasts even more benefits. Developed through a top secret and world first method, the Nagy brothers claim some tantalising benefits about their clear coffee. Within 200ml of clear coffee translucency, you will find:

  • NO preservatives
  • NO artificial flavours
  • NO stabilisers
  • NO sugars or sweeteners

Containing the same caloric content (2 calories) as your regular espresso or long black, this beverage is a clear winner in our books! That’s right… a ‘clear’ winner.
We are dreaming of a clear coffee future. Looking into the crystal clear coffee ball, what is the clearest future of them all? Espresso martini, it is time you abdicate the throne as Australia’s favourite cocktail. We are predicting some killer clear coffee cocktails! Although not currently shipping to Australia, keep an eye out. We know we will.
Clear coffee CLR CFF
For more information, check out the CLR CFF official website here. If you’re sceptical, head to their social media sights to see just how clear their clear coffee is (Facebook, Instagram).