Civic Hotel New Menu

Eat, Restaurants, Sydney / 24 August 2016
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Civic Hotel New Menu

Eat, Restaurants, Sydney / 24 August 2016

Civic Hotel transforms local pub scene.

“Who’s to say you can’t have restaurant quality dining in local pubs? We are growing and evolving our offerings in line with the general foodie scene in Sydney.”
That’s what was promised by David Tsirekas, head chef of the Civic Hotel and his new venture 1821, which will open its doors in Martin Place in September.
The highlight of the new menu is the incomparable Athenian Duck Yeeros – a homage to Tsirekas’ all-time favourite dish, peking duck. Tsire collaborates with Louis Katsiaras of Golden Top Bakery in Marickville to ensure that his yeeros are wrapped in the freshest, softest pita bread available.

civic hotel Athenian-Duck-Yeeros
ATHENIAN DUCK YEEROS – Roasted duck, shallot, cucumber, chilli, coriander and hoi sin mayonnaise.

If duck isn’t your thing, then dig into the Pork Belly Yeeros, which is made with pork belly strips cooked to crispy perfection and Tsire’s “greekslaw” to add a crunch to the dish.
civic hotel Pork-Belly-Yeeros
PORK BELLY YEEROS – Crispy pork belly strips, mustard mayonnaise, greekslaw & mixed herb salad.

Also not to be missed from the new menu is Tsirekas’ Lamb Burger, which is a reworked creation of his classic signature Lamb Skaras (which is also on the menu). The combination of the tender, mouth-watering lamb and the soft warm bun makes this dish an absolute must-try for anyone who considers themselves a burger connoisseur.
civic hotel Lamb-Burger
LAMB BURGER – Pulled lamb shoulder, melted kasseri cheese, roasted capsicum relish, tzatziki on a milk bun served with chips.

There’s also the more traditional pub fare available, including Chicken Parmigiana and Steak and Chips, as well as Gravaria Fried Cheese and delicious Crispy Skin Salmon.
civic hotel Chicken-Parmigiana
CHICKEN PARMIGIANA – Chicken schnitzel topped with roasted eggplant, melted haloumi, with a tomato, cinnamon & honey sauce.

“The menu reflects a new direction of the pub dining. We have combined elements of pub food and elements of casual dining to create a new type of dining experience. We have moved away from the $10 steak and are passionate about offering better quality food while remaining mindful of budgets,” said Tsirekas.
He also gave us an exclusive sneak peek into the fine-dining establishment 1821 which is opening late September and shared one of its signature dishes and matching wine for the first time. The Aeagan Lobster Spaghetti, was served with Biblio Chora Biblinos, an ancient Phonecian cult wine.
civic hotel Sticky-Mastic-Chicken
STICKY MASTIC CHICKEN – Chicken wings tossed in a glaze of mastiha, honey, balsamic vinegar & chopped red chilli served with garlic dip.

So whether you’re in the mood for Sticky Mastic Chicken or Graveria Fried Cheese , it’s worth popping into the Civic Hotel to sample some of Tsirekas’ creations.
SAGANAKI CHEESE (v) (gf) – Honey, walnuts, cherry tomatoes, sesame, dried herbs.

For more Greek-style dining in Sydney, check out the Smoking Goat in Abbortsford.
The Civic Hotel
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