Cancun Boat Club Sails Into Sydney With 80s Mexican Flair

Drink, Sydney / 23 May 2024
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Cancun Boat Club Sails Into Sydney With 80s Mexican Flair

Drink, Sydney / 23 May 2024

Channel your inner Miami Vice at Cancun Boat Club.

Quay Quarter Lanes has a new tenant, and it promises to whisk you away on a vibrant journey – not geographically, but through time. Cancun Boat Club, a collaboration between Milpa Collective (known for their stellar Mexican fare) and The WXT Group (masters of lively bars and entertainment), is a love letter to 1980s Cancun, complete with the food, the music, and the undeniable fun factor.

Step through the doors where neon lights cast a warm glow, vintage surfboards hang from the ceiling like forgotten beach trophies, and a captivating backlit installation evokes the ever-changing colours of a Cancun sunset. It’s a feast for the eyes, a playful and nostalgic setting for a night of catching up with friends over delicious Mexican food and creative cocktails.

The menu is a celebration of Mexican comfort food with a delightful American twist. Feeling nostalgic? Dive into their signature 500g Angus rib eye nachos, a dish guaranteed to satisfy any craving. Perhaps a slice of their unique birria pizza tempts you? This innovative creation fuses slow-braised Mexican stewed beef with the familiar comfort of everyone’s favourite Italian food.

For adventurous eaters, Cancun Boat Club offers the DoriLocos – a customisable Doritos experience served on a roaming trolley. Imagine a blank canvas of Doritos, ready to be transformed with over 16 toppings, ranging from the classic cheese and salsa to the more daring pork crackling and chilli gummies. It’s a playful explosion of flavours and textures, destined to become an Instagram darling.

But Cancun Boat Club isn’t just about the food. They take their margaritas seriously, offering a playful selection of these classic cocktails alongside Mexican lagers, top-shelf spirits, and a well-curated wine list. A highlight for any group outing is the “Captains Margarita” – a gold-plated margarita, perfect for sharing, served in a treasure chest complete with its own captain’s hat! It’s a touch of whimsy that perfectly captures the spirit of the venue.

As the sun sets and the city lights twinkle outside, the energy at Cancun Boat Club shifts. The pumping sound system kicks in, and from Thursday to Saturday, live DJs spin the best of 80s tunes. It’s an invitation to dance the night away, to revisit the vibrant energy of a bygone era with friends, old and new.

Cancun Boat Club Signage

Cancun Boat Club isn’t just a restaurant or a bar; it’s an experience. It’s a chance to indulge in delicious, familiar flavours with a modern twist, to sip on a perfectly crafted margarita, and to lose yourself in the infectious energy of 80s music. Cancun Boat Club promises an evening that’s both delicious and delightfully nostalgic. So, grab your dancing shoes, dust off your best 80s outfit (optional, of course!), and head down to Quay Quarter Lanes. A taste of 1980s Cancun, with a distinctly Sydney twist, awaits.