The Burger Project – Limited Edition Oktoberfest Burger

Eat, Restaurants, Sydney / 8 November 2018

The Burger Project serves up more than German beer with the release of its newest limited edition Oktoberfest burger.

Burgers and beers – name a more iconic duo. Rockpool Dining Group have proved that their burgers are some of the best in the business courtesy of Neil Perry’s The Burger Project. In the wake of the recent Oktoberfest festivities, the lords of burgers have now graced Sydneysiders with the release of its newest creation – a chicken schnitzel burger inspired by all that we love about the world’s largest beer festival.
We recently got the chance to taste the Oktoberfest Burger, but the question on our lips was can they impress with their chicken schnitzel?
We kept it local and recently visited the Bondi Junction outpost, but The Burger Project also has locations throughout the city and also in Parramatta. Unfortunately, the Junction’s patrons seemed to have drunk the establishment dry and they were all out of the Paulaner Munich Lager promised. So instead, we opted for their sweet, lemon iced tea (á la summertime in the South) and passionfruit soda (just think your childhood favourite Passiona).
The Burger Project - Burgers and Chips
Now to the main event. At $13.90, the hearty burger has a crispy crumbed chicken schnitzel breast with house made mushroom sauce, sauerkraut, pickles, a little tomato and lettuce (for your health). It’s your classic Munich schnitzel lunch but stuffed in a milk bun. Whilst the burger skimped a little on the sauerkraut, the schnitzel was crispy and succulent. Don’t forget to order some chunky chips (preferably showered with their spicy chipotle chilli) to soak up all that chunky mushroom gravy.
The Burger Project - Soft Serves
Don’t think of saying ‘nein’ to dessert either. The Burger Project have Germa-fied one of their soft serves with thick salted caramel and mini pretzels ($5.90). It’s not quite like munching on a steaming fresh pretzel whilst strolling the streets of Berlin but it’s sweet, crunchy and salty – all you need in a dessert.
Otherwise you can keep it classic with one of their regular soft serves, like the Bounty Hunter with a chocolate shell, crushed meringue and toasted coconut.
It may be November but Oktoberfest lives on, with the limited edition Oktoberfest Burger available now until December 2nd (fingers crossed after that is when they release their limited edition Chrissie burger).
The Burger Project’s Limited Edition Oktoberfest Burger