Bonsai By 4 Pines: Your Gateway To Tokyo’s Golden Gai On The Beach

Eat, Sydney / 6 May 2024
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Bonsai By 4 Pines: Your Gateway To Tokyo’s Golden Gai On The Beach

Eat, Sydney / 6 May 2024

Where Japanese Izakaya meets modern Australian beer!

Nestled beneath the bustling 4 Pines Brewing Co. in Manly, Bonsai by 4 Pines offers a unique and contemporary take on the Japanese Izakaya experience allowing visitors to be transported to the heart of Tokyo’s vibrant Golden Gai district.

Originally conceived to accommodate overflow from the popular 4 Pines Brew Pub, Bonsai has blossomed into its own distinct entity, perfectly complementing the launch of 4 Pines Japanese Lager and reflecting the heritage of Executive Chef Joji Shikama.

Bonsai Chef

Bonsai’s atmosphere is a seamless blend of modern and intimate. Think low-lit corners, and sleek finishes reminiscent of Shinjuku’s Golden Gai paired with modern touches, creating a truly unique and stylish environment.

Beyond its captivating atmosphere, Bonsai offers a tasting through the heart of Japan. Chef Joji Shikama, drawing on his years of experience and cultural background, has crafted an Izakaya menu that celebrates the art of sharing. Think classically inspired Japanese dishes with a contemporary twist, designed to be enjoyed alongside a cold beer from the brewery upstairs, a refreshing cocktail, or a bottle of sake.

Head Chef Joji Shikama’s passion for Japanese cuisine is evident in every aspect of Bonsai. His journey began in Yokohama, where he honed his skills in French fine dining, traditional Japanese restaurants, and even Korean cuisine. He opened his own restaurant, “Starfish Avalon,” in 2007, and his dream of being a chef since the age of 15 has blossomed into a successful career dedicated to sharing his love of food.

Bonsai Menu

When asked about the food offered at Bonsai, Chef Joji emphasises the Izakaya style of sharing, where dishes are meant to be enjoyed amongst friends and family over drinks. It’s a departure from the individual plate style of Western dining, offering a more communal and social dining experience.

From the must-try favourites like Salmon Sashimi and Market Carpaccio to the ever-popular Pork Katsu and melt-in-your-mouth Karaage Fried Chicken, the menu is a delightful exploration of Japanese flavours. Dishes like Miso Eggplant Dengaku and Okonomiyaki add a touch of vegetarian indulgence, while Yakitori Chicken and Teriyaki Pork Ribs are tried and true classics.

Bonsai’s delectable dishes are complemented by a carefully curated selection of drinks that enhance the Izakaya experience. Whether you prefer a crisp 4 Pines Japanese Lager, a refreshing Shikoku Slushy cocktail, or a smooth glass of sake, there’s something to suit all thirsts.

Bonsai Drinks

No Izakaya experience is complete without a refreshing drink, and Bonsai’s cocktail menu doesn’t disappoint. The Masataka, a customer favourite, is a perfect example, featuring Japanese gin and flavours that complement the entire menu. Whether you prefer something citrusy and refreshing like the Shikoku Slushy or something spicy and bold like the Pacific Rim, there’s an extensive cocktail menu to sip through.

Bonsai also offers a variety of experiences that go beyond the standard dining options.

  • Bottomless Brunch: Every Saturday and Sunday, a delicious selection of Izakaya dishes is paired with 4 Pines beers, Brookvale Union favourites, and select cocktails for a truly satisfying weekend experience at $75 per person.
  • Endless Gyoza: For a lighter option, the endless gyoza is a fun and affordable way to indulge in these pan-fried delights at $39 per person, with both meat and vegetarian options available.

Bonsai Gyoza

For those seeking an even more exclusive culinary adventure, Bonsai is participating in the upcoming “Taste of the Beaches” event with a special Omakase evening. This unique dining experience puts Chef Joji’s culinary artistry centre stage, featuring a set menu designed to showcase his talents and paired with perfectly matched Japanese-inspired drinks. 

Bonsai seamlessly transitions from an intimate dining experience to an adaptable venue for larger gatherings and special occasions. Whether you’re planning a corporate function, a private movie screening, or a celebratory birthday dinner, Bonsai offers a unique and stylish setting with customisable layouts and a dedicated team to ensure your event runs smoothly.

The versatile function spaces cater to a range of group sizes and preferences. The intimate inside space, with its reclaimed booths, provides a cozy and inviting atmosphere for smaller gatherings. For a more relaxed setting, the outside area with its artificial grass steps and bench seating offers a casual yet stylish option. And for truly unforgettable events, the iconic 4 Pines Brewpub itself, with its micro-brewery and stunning balcony views, can be considered.

Bonsai by 4 Pines isn’t just an Izakaya; it’s a vibrant tapestry woven from the threads of Japanese tradition and contemporary Australian flair. Step into a world where the energy of Sydney’s bustling craft beer scene seamlessly blends with the intimate charm of Tokyo’s Golden Gai.

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