An Intimate 20-Seater Ramen Joint Is Set To Open In Potts Point This Month

Eat, Sydney / 19 January 2022

The founder of Farmhouse in Rushcutters Bay has set his sights on providing the best ramen in the Inner-City! Say hello to Bones Ramen…

When we’re seeking comfort food or La Niña takes a toll on the weather, we often turn to a bowl of steaming ramen. The rich broth and tasty toppings have a way of providing warmth and nourishment and there’s no shortage of destinations to get it in Sydney. From the oh-so-trendy Chaco Ramen and Rara to the more traditional options like Ippudo and Takumi, there are plenty of options scattered throughout our city. To add to the repertoire, Farmhouse founder Michael Mu Sung and Head Chef Jacob Riwaka are bringing the goodness to Potts Point with their newest venture Bones Ramen. Located on Bayswater Road, Bones is set to provide traditional Japanese ramen and take your tastebuds on a trip to Tokyo.

Mu Sung is a self-proclaimed ramen enthusiast who brings his wealth of hospitality experience from Farmhouse and Jeremy Sons in Rushcutters Bay to the new venue. Head Chef Riwaka on the other hand has spent three years in the kitchens of Rising Sun and Cornersmith. Both Mu Sung and Sons admire the culinary ethos behind ramen noodle dishes – Combining simple ingredients with culinary techniques to create something unbelievable.

The talented team from Guru Projects is behind the design and Bakker Built was on the construction. The intimate restaurant emulates a traditional ramen experience in Japan with 10-seats inside allowing you to watch the chefs at work and just 10 seats outside.

Expect high-quality ramen and a small but stellar menu highlighting fresh Australian ingredients where possible. Head Chef Riwaka has set out to honour the ethos of simplicity with an 8-item menu that pays homage to traditional ramen-making techniques and flavours. Specialty ramen bowls include the Pork Broth Bowl with chashu, soy egg, watercress and menma, Chicken Paitan Bowl with whole chicken chashu, soy egg, shallots and menma, Seafood with scollop silks, ebi shinjo, shallots and nori and the Vegetarian Bowl with Jerusalem artichoke, celeriac chashu, shiitake and oyster mushrooms and roast tomato. All the production, barrelling and storage is done in-house which gives the ramen a delicious edge.

And because you always need a good beer to wash down ramen, Australian beers including Sailors Grave, Retches and Yulli’s are featured on the menu. This is accompanied by minimal intervention wines.

Bones Ramen will join restaurants Figo and Sonora on the Bayswater strip from the 21st of January 2022. Find out more here

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