Four Pillars Launches Their Latest Bloody Gin & A Boozy Festival

Cool Sh*t, Drink / 30 May 2023
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Four Pillars Launches Their Latest Bloody Gin & A Boozy Festival

Cool Sh*t, Drink / 30 May 2023

Introducing Bloody Midwinter Gin Fest: A celebration of innovative, Australian-made gin across three states and fifteen events!

Australia’s beloved gin brand, Four Pillars, is gearing up to commemorate World Gin Day with a bang. They are marking the anniversary of the launch of their iconic Bloody Shiraz Gin with a series of exciting events and the introduction of a new sibling, the Bloody Pinot Noir Gin.

Introducing the inaugural Bloody Midwinter Gin Fest happening from June 1 to July 30, 2023. This thrilling lineup of gin-fuelled events will take place over eight weeks and across three states: Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. It’s a celebration dedicated to everyone’s cult favorite, the Bloody Shiraz Gin.

Highlights of the festivities

  1. World Gin Day Weekend (June 10-11) at Sydney Lab: Immerse yourself in beats, basslines, and the star of the show, Bloody Pinot Noir Gin. Indulge in a purple oasis of gin-themed drinks, snacks, DJ entertainment, and workshops. Complimentary tastings of both Bloody Shiraz and Bloody Pinot Noir Gin will be available all weekend long.
  2. Golden Century BBQ x Sydney Lab Takeover (June 18-19): The Sydney Lab will witness its third official restaurant takeover by the team behind the renowned Cantonese cuisine empire, Golden Century BBQ. Enjoy a delectable fusion of pork, duck, and dumplings paired with refreshing Bloody Shiraz Gin drinks.
  3. Sydney Feast at North Bondi Fish (July 19): Collaborating with North Bondi Fish, Four Pillars will rock Bondi with the flavours of Bloody Shiraz Gins and a preview of the new Bloody Pinot Noir Gin. Relish a delicious meal complemented by wines from Yarra Valley locals Payten & Jones.

The celebrations extend to Melbourne and Brisbane with exciting events and takeovers at various venues. Highlights include the Healesville Distillery World Gin Day Weekend, a Melbourne Feast at Yakimono, Fireside Festivals at the Healesville Distillery, and a Brisbane Feast at Stratton.

For more details and tickets to the events in the Bloody Midwinter Gin Festival lineup, visit the official Four Pillars website here.