Black Star Pastry Hits The North Shore

Cafes, Eat, Just Open, Sydney / 1 November 2023
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Black Star Pastry Hits The North Shore

Cafes, Eat, Just Open, Sydney / 1 November 2023

The world’s most Instagrammable cake’s latest outpost features a flaking good range of new pastries.

Paying homage to the culturally vibrant area through its design and afresh creations, the new Chatswood location of Black Star Pastry is the fifth to grace Sydney.

Starting from a quaint shop-front in the backstreets of Newtown to making their mark on the southern laneways of Melbourne, the brand has become synonymous with treats that feature fresh flavours, delicate layers and most of all remain captivating to the eye.

The latest location takes this ethos and presents itself in a minimalist industrial kiosk that not only is in touch with the business’ signature style but also synonymous with their new home. The crème de la résistance of the shop is a striking five-metre-long louver counter, translating Black Star Pastry’s logo into the 10 most spoken languages in Australia.

Incorporating this cultural element is Black Star Pastry’s love letter to their fans and to Chatswood itself, a neighbourhood known for its love and appreciation of food. Rendering its location on the fifth floor of the central Westfield Chatswood shopping centre a harmonious fit. The store also features a designated cake collection zone where customers can grab-and-go or sit down and enjoy one of the slices alongside their matching drinks.

Counter offering of cakes and pastries at Black Star Pastry Chatswood.


The store opening also coincides with a range of new products that hit both savoury and sweet palettes. First up, a Kimcheese Toastie, featuring a mouth-watering combination of kimchi, mozzarella, butter and a special gochujang mayo, that’s made to rival the ones you’ve tried making after a late night. The Matcha Ceremony, a cake filled with a rich matcha mousse with a hidden matcha sponge, all while looking like a bowl full of matcha itself. As well as a resurrection of the fan favourite summer cake, the Mango Yuzu.

Of course you’ll also still find the beloved and true favourites such as the Strawberry Watermelon Cake and their Rose and Pistachio croissant.

Find Black Star Pastry’s new spot at Westfield Chatswood Kiosk K506/1 Anderson St, Chatswood NSW 2067, open Monday to Wednesday – 9:30am to 6pm, Thursday – 9:30am to 9pm, Friday to Saturday – 9:30am to 6pm and Sunday – 10am to 6pm. Find out more here.