A New Aussie Eatery Soars In The CBD

Bars, Eat, Sydney / 8 February 2024
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A New Aussie Eatery Soars In The CBD

Bars, Eat, Sydney / 8 February 2024

Birdie Bar & Brasserie brings a fresh fusion of British heritage and Australian flair to Sydney’s dining scene.

A fresh face has landed in Sydney’s CBD, promising a captivating journey through flavours both familiar and surprising. Birdie Bar and Brasserie, perched on York Street with a glimpse of Wynyard Park, offers an exciting fusion of British heritage and Australian flair, served with a generous helping of warmth and style.

Step into a haven of comfort yet sophistication. Think brass accents gleaming against earthy tones, mosaic tiles adding a touch of whimsy, and natural light filtering through the space. This is the nest Birdie has built, inviting you to settle in.

Birdie Bar and Brasserie taco

At the helm is John Lyons, a culinary visionary with a pedigree boasting Michelin-starred kitchens. His passion shines through in Birdie’s menu, where classic European techniques waltz with Australian produce and global spices. Think Fremantle octopus with a unique twist, or the Black Sesame dessert featuring the rare “Poorman’s orange,” a testament to Birdie’s commitment to sourcing local and unique ingredients.

Birdie’s playful spirit peeks through in dishes like “The Duck, Garlic Bread, English Crumpets,” and “Roasted Avocado Pie.” Don’t miss the daily fast lunch menu, perfect for busy schedules, or the traditional Sunday roast – a must for comforting weekend indulgence. And for a touch of late-night luxury, “The Bird” offers caviar bumps paired with Grey Goose vodka, setting the stage for an unforgettable soirée.

Their cocktail menu takes inspiration from six native Australian birds, translating their colours and personalities into unique tipples. The “Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo” delights with lemon meringue foam and shortbread crumble, while the “Satin Bowerbird” whispers sophistication with Irish whiskey, blackberry, and hibiscus.

The wine list embarks on a “nomadic spirit” journey, exploring wineries from Australia, Europe, and South America. Beer lovers can choose Birdie’s own lager on tap, or British-inspired beers from renowned Sydney breweries like Brewdog, Lord Nelson, Young Henry’s, and Atomic Brewery.

Now it’s just time for you to spread your wings and take flight with Birdie.

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