Bier and #Lambin30 minutes!

Eat, Food Recipes, Restaurants, Sydney / 14 June 2014
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Bier and #Lambin30 minutes!

Eat, Food Recipes, Restaurants, Sydney / 14 June 2014

In the sunken level of the Bavarian Bier Café on George Street, we find Melbournian Chef, Duncan Robertson, amongst his pots, pans and garnishes. He is sporting a grin and welcomes us to the Lamb revolution… it’s time for a Masterclass.
The challenge is to prepare, cook and serve a Roast Lamb in just 30 minutes!
The bar is shrouded with hundreds of glass steins hanging from the roof and a large industrial kitchen at the end of the hall, it seems a fitting place to launch a Lamb Revolution. Who knew the Bier Café would bring back memories of home cooked meals with the family and Sunday roasts.
With the “power of 30 minutes”, Robertson starts the clock, reducing the fat on a Lamb rump and loin before roasting. The smells wafting through the bar are delightful and as we wait for the appetisers, we are all salivating.
At the other end of the dining hall, Graffiti Artist, Sid Tapia is challenged to create a graffiti masterpiece whilst Robertson cooks.  His swift movements across the canvas are inspiring and creates moments of excitement whilst the lamb roasts.

Graffiti Artist, Sid Tapia creates a work of art in just 30 minutes.

Then the master teaches his apprentices. One bench is set with a Lamb Loin, Shallots, Sage and Lemon, which will later be transformed into a refreshing Thai Lamb Salad.
The other two volunteers receive a Lamb Rump, Rosemary Sprigs and Garlic, which will become the base for a delicious Mediterranean Slider with roasted capsicum, pesto and rocket. The modern day slider is delicious and allows chefs to be inventive with what look like- tiny burgers.
As the Lamb Masterclass wraps up and the appetisers are being served, we head for the dining area that is laden with Australian Flora and wine. Sid has also finished his Lamb inspired Graffiti Artwork and is as hungry as the rest of us.
The Bavarian Bier Café offers its guests some fine Australian wine to accompany the Thai Lamb salad, Lamb soup and Mediterranean sliders. Yum!
Bon Appetite!