Sydney’s Best Matcha Spots

Cafes, Eat, Food Guide, Sydney / 14 May 2024
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Sydney’s Best Matcha Spots

Cafes, Eat, Food Guide, Sydney / 14 May 2024

Matcha is more than lattes nowadays, and these Sydney cafes are getting it right, every time.

Sydney has become a matcha hub, with establishments serving everything from strawberry matcha lattes to matcha ice cream. With so many choices, it’s hard to know where to go for your matcha fix. Do not fret – we’ve done the research, and here’s what we like the best.

Rollers Bakehouse, Manly

Rollers Bakehouse is nestled in a quiet laneway behind the iconic Norma’s Deli (which shares the same owner). This charming cafe is a sight for sore eyes, decked out in pink with aesthetically pleasing fresh bakes and adorable packaging to place them in. Their almond croissants are legendary, but when their limited-edition matcha cheesecake croissants make an appearance, they steal the show. Made using Rollers’ signature pastry, oozing with matcha cheesecake and generously dusted with matcha powder. Keep an eye on Rollers’ socials for the next batch of these beauties. In the meantime, satisfy your matcha cravings with their matcha lattes, served hot or iced.

Matcha-Ya, Haymarket

Matcha-Ya can be found on Haymarket’s Steam Mill Lane, and if they’re on a mission to make matcha look cute, they’ve succeeded. This modern cafe is whipping up everything from matcha soft serve to tiramisu, all made using authentic Japanese matcha powder, giving a rich and earthy flavour. If you love matcha and find yourself in the Sydney CBD, head to Matcha-Ya for an authentic Japanese matcha experience.

Orchard St, Multiple Locations

Orchard St. has blossomed into a Sydney icon over the years, sporting a much-loved boho look. Their matcha is high-quality, organically grown, and shade-ground, resulting in a pure and authentic matcha powder. Matcha connoisseurs, you can chill out in their cosy cafe and sip on a cup of ceremonial grade matcha, with locations in Bondi and Paddington, as well as a North Shore store in Manly. If Orchard St. isn’t in your vicinity, you can shop their matcha online to recreate the experience at home, so you never miss your Orchard St. matcha hit.

Pina Best Matcha

Piña, Potts Point

Piña has quickly become a matcha hotspot, with a literal fan base for its matcha floats; made using high-quality matcha, espresso, ice cream & crunchy caramel. The recent strawberry matcha trend hasn’t gone unnoticed by Piña, with daily reposts of their stunning green and pink creation on their Instagram story. Piña’s matcha lattes are not just a pretty face – they taste just as impressive as they look.

Moon & Back, Rosebery

Beyond the typical matcha latte, Moon & Back offers a delightful matcha experience for those seeking a more considered approach. This cafe, the brainchild of Elvan Fan and Carol Xu, prioritizes quality coffee alongside beautifully designed homewares. Their matcha offerings are equally thoughtful, with lattes made with precision and a rotating menu of sweet treats designed to complement the tea’s flavour profile. Le Cordon Bleu-trained pastry chef Carol Xu might tempt you with a slice of matcha-yuzu pound cake or a unique matcha and red bean chiffon sando.  For a lighter option, their matcha-hojicha (roasted green tea) lattes are a delicious alternative. Moon & Back is a great spot to unwind, savour a quality matcha beverage, and discover handcrafted treats with a Japanese twist.

Oh! Matcha, George St.

Oh! Matcha are renowned for how Instagrammable their matcha creations are. Their matcha soft serve is a fan favourite and their creative half-coconut half-matcha cone is a must-try. Matcha lovers, get ready – rumours are swirling that Oh! Matcha has a special Vivid menu from May 24th to June 15th.

It’s obvious that matcha has transcended the simple latte. Sydney’s cafes are reimagining matcha with innovative additions like cheesecake croissants and strawberry matcha lattes. Whether you’re a seasoned matcha fiend or just curious to try something new, Sydney has something for everyone when it comes to matcha.