Bar Tag Season Two: Nicola Simpson, Goros

Bar Tag, Drink, Sydney / 19 July 2017
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Bar Tag Season Two: Nicola Simpson, Goros

Bar Tag, Drink, Sydney / 19 July 2017

Tag, Goros. It’s your turn for Bar Tag!

Tag Nicola, you’re it! On the second episode of Bar Tag we get to visit superstar bartender Nicola Simpson from Goros in Surry Hills. Nicola was nominated by Henry from the Whisky Room at The Clock Hotel in episode one to come up with a cocktail using lapsang souchong tincture. Has this ingredient got your tongue in a knot?
You may be more familiar with lapsang souchong, a tea variety that has a heavy smoke aroma. When you have a whiff, it’s as if you’ve entered a smokey wooden cabin, the smells of smoke hitting you square in the face. Tincture is best explained as the essence of the ingredient, steeped in a neutral grain alcohol. It can be used in small amounts by itself, or added with more ingredients for compounds like bitters. Lapsang souchong tincture offers a distinctly meaty essence, reminiscent of smoked meat.
Curious as to the cocktail Nicola created? You can watch as this concoction comes to life right here.

Goros first opened its doors in 2014. Amidst Sydney’s diminishing nightlife, Goros’ 3am license, epic saké menu and private karaoke booths makes it the perfect after-hours hangout. On the food menu is an amalgamation of tasty bar snacks and bigger naughty-but-nice eats, including their teriyaki burger with shoe-string fries, Karage chicken with Kewpie mayo, crumbed pork sambo, served with cabbage, Japanese BBQ sauce and mayo plus more. On the drinks menu, you’ll find plenty of saké, Japanese beers as well as Japanese-inspired cocktails like the Last Samurai, made with Absolut vodka, peach, mint, lime, pink grapefruit and yuzu tonic.

Sumo in a Sidecar Cocktail


  • 30ml Dewazukura Seijo sake
  • 15ml apricot brandy
  • 10ml sugar syrup
  • 30ml fresh lemon juice
  • 5ml lapsang souchong tincture (Whisky Room)
  • 2-3 dashes peach bitters


  • Shake all ingredients and double strain into glass.
  • Garnish with a dried lemon wheel