Bar Awards, Champagne Degustation, Surfing and Hot Chocolate

Ms D's Week in Pics, Sydney / 1 October 2013
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Bar Awards, Champagne Degustation, Surfing and Hot Chocolate

Ms D's Week in Pics, Sydney / 1 October 2013
Hot Chocolate mmmmm


The cafe next to our office, Detour Espresso Bar, makes great coffee but it’s their service that really stands out. Little things like whenever anyway walks in, even if you’re just standing waiting for a take-away, they always offer you a glass of water. Last Monday they made me this yummy looking mini hot chocolate. I didn’t ask for it, they just thought i’d like to try. mmmmm it was good.

Bar Awards 2013 Afterparty


Despite repeatedly chanting to myself on the way to Bar Awards last Tuesday “I’m not drinking all the drinks, I’m not going to the after party, I’m not staying out past 1am”, none of that happened. It was a fun night. This pic is of me and Booze Braggart Simon McGoram.

Hangover from hell


Why oh why did I drink all the drinks??? Battled through a hangover all day. Dyyyyyinnnngggg!

Secret Foodies!


Felt much better on Thursday in time for Secret Foodies ‘Champagne Degustation’ with Piper-Heidsieck Champagne. The secret location was one-hat Arras Restaurant. It was a spectacular evening of creative food, flowing bubbles and delightful guests.

Say cheers everyone!



I ate this lemon-grass beef vermicelli salad at my regular Vietnamese joint, Dragon Den on Victoria St. Always fresh and friendly service.


Miss Freakie and I made breakfast then went surfing at Freshwater Beach. That’s my new board on the left, I’m still getting used to it but caught a few waves. Yeeeeeeeewwwww!! We finished up at Manly Wharf Bar to watch the sun set and enjoy a few beers.

Manly Wharf Bar

Me and Miss Freakie getting our surfer chick on!

Curl Curl


Mr Curl Curl and I spent the day at the beach. He surfed, I read the paper and then we had a picnic (naaawww cute). Then later in the afternoon we both surfed at Manly. One of us was a lot better than the other. Can you guess who?
Tell me one fun thing you’ve done in the past week!