At Home Date Ideas To Keep The Romance Alive

Play, Sydney / 30 June 2021

Stop lockdown from ruining your love life with these fun and romantic date ideas to enjoy from home.

At first glance, the idea of lockdown might not inspire #couplegoals, but we’re on a mission to prove that you can have a hot date at home. Light some candles, put on your sexiest track pants, grab your partner and get ready to date. Here’s our guide to creating romance at home.

The dinner date

Start by making a sexy playlist that will have you both singing into your wooden spoons and gyrating in the kitchen. Be sure to include your favourite karaoke songs, but don’t forget to add some cheesy classics too. We’re talking Use Me, by Bill Withers, Everybody Here Wants You, by Jeff Buckley, or Feel Like Makin’ Love by D’Angelo. Once your love tunes are flowing, it’s time to move on to the cooking part.

Nothing says romance like a cute apron. Once your sweaters are well protected, trawl Instagram for some drool-worthy recipe ideas, then pick one that you want to conquer together. As you cook, keep the wine flowing, and let yourself get distracted often – so long as nothing catches fire.

The wine tasting

Nothing beats a romantic getaway to wine country, but, the next best thing is to simulate your own wine tasting at home instead. This one involves a blindfold, so you know it’s going to be kinky. Start with a selection of four different bottles of wine. Then, take it in turns blindfolding the other person and pouring them a glass of wine. They have to see if they can determine which of the four wines they are drinking. The person with the most correct guesses wins.

If beer, gin, or whisky is more your thing, by all means, go ahead and substitute the wine with your drink of choice.

The day-date

Spend the morning baking yourself a sweet treat (we recommend brownies) and while your creation is in the oven, set yourself up for an afternoon of pampering and competition. Grab face masks, set up your diffuser with some relaxing oils, pop on a bathrobe, and pour yourself a mimosa. While your masks are on and you’re decked out in your robes, the games can begin. Our favourite games to play between two people include Monopoly Deal, Shithead, Splendor, Rummy, and Trivia.

Or, go ahead and make your own game, such as a home-based scavenger hunt with love notes to one another. Surprise your significant other with this and you’re guaranteed to be in the good books.

The movie night

Set a date for a movie night. But, make no mistake, this is no Netflix and chill situation. Don’t just go for your favourite show or watch old reruns of a classic. Instead, spend the time choosing a blockbuster movie that you haven’t seen but will both enjoy. Then, grab a blow-up mattress and set it up in the living room and drag your doona and pillows downstairs (or down the hall) to create a cosy AF living room set up. Turn off all the lights, light some candles, order some takeaway, or make some popcorn.

To take your movie night to the next level, grab a projector, hang up an old sheet, and decorate the room with fairy lights. This is HEAPS better than going to the movies, plus you can pause the film every time you want to make out.

The rave

Missing those good old party vibes? Create your own, at-home festival. Perfect for party couples, you’ll want to start by shaking up some cocktails. A spicy margarita always sets the tone for a good time. Then, decorate with some festive lighting. If you don’t have a disco ball or colourful lights, just pull out the Christmas lights and set them to a staggered setting. Next, choose the music you want to rave to by picking one of your all-time favourite sets. This list will help.

Top tip: Tune into Hot Dub Time Machine’s Hot Dub At Home this Saturday night at 6pm. Turn your speakers up, keep the drinks flowing and dance the night away in your living room.