Sydney Chefs Take Flame Down South At Arkhé And Friends

Eat, Sydney / 5 March 2024

Get ready to witness a fiery culinary clash (but in the best way possible) as Sydney’s top chefs head south for arkhé & friends.

Calling all Sydney foodies with a case of wanderlust (or just a taste for adventure)! Brace yourselves for a sizzling collaboration unlike any other, as some of your city’s most revered chefs are packing their culinary skills and heading south for arkhé & friends presented by Laphroaig Whisky.

Kicking off in April 2024, this year-long series is a flame-fueled celebration of culinary expertise, taking place in the heart of Adelaide’s acclaimed open-flame restaurant, arkhé. But the real draw for Sydney siders lies in the impressive line-up: 12 renowned chefs from Sydney and beyond will be gracing the arkhé kitchen throughout the year, each bringing their unique fire-kissed magic to the table.

Arkhé and Friends Interior

Think of it as a foodie passport, whisking you to Adelaide for an evening of exceptional fare. First up are the dynamic duo behind Sydney’s iconic South American eatery, Porteño – Ben Milgate and Elvis Abrahanowicz. They’ll be igniting the arkhé grills on April 11th, crafting a four-course fire-grilled menu.

But the journey doesn’t end there. Throughout the year, you can expect to see familiar faces like Jemma Whiteman of Newtown’s sake bar, Ante, and Mat Lindsay from Chippendale’s acclaimed Ester, each taking their turn to showcase their culinary prowess in the fiery embrace of arkhé’s open flames.

The full line-up boasts an impressive roster of culinary heavyweights, including Vaughan Mabee of New Zealand’s Amisfield, Rosheen Kaul from Melbourne’s Etta, and even James Lowe of London’s Lyle’s. Each month, arkhé transforms into a platform for these visiting chefs to showcase their signature styles and techniques, all woven together by the unifying element of fire.

Arkhé and Friends Team

Of course, no feast is complete without the perfect drink pairing. Enter Laphroaig Whisky, the series’ presenting partner. The bold, smoky notes of Laphroaig will be expertly woven into the experience, featuring in specially crafted cocktails and tasting flights, creating a harmonious symphony of flavours alongside the fire-kissed dishes.

More than just a series of exceptional meals, arkhé & friends offers a unique opportunity to witness some of Sydney’s best chefs at work and gain insights into their creative processes. It’s a chance to celebrate the collaborative spirit within the Australian food scene, while also experiencing the vibrant atmosphere of Adelaide’s culinary haven.

The inaugural event kicks off on April 11th where guests can expect a four-course menu showcasing the mastery of open-flame cooking by the Porteño team, complemented by a specially crafted Laphroaig cocktail and a tasting flight of the iconic whisky. Tickets are now on sale for $300 per person, offering a front-row seat to this culinary collaboration. Secure your spot at the table here.

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