A Secret Door To Korea Through The Intimate Delights Of Matkim

Eat, Sydney / 29 February 2024

Eight seats, endless flavour.

Tucked away in Sydney’s vibrant Sydney Place precinct, a new Eastern experience awaits. Matkim, a recently opened Korean omakase restaurant, offers an intimate and innovative take on Korean cuisine. With just eight seats and a single nightly service, securing a reservation at Matkim is akin to unlocking a secret door to a world of unique flavors and cultural exploration.

Helmed by Executive Chef Jacob Lee, Matkim’s philosophy is deeply rooted in Korean tradition. Lee, drawing inspiration from his Jeolla province heritage and experience in renowned Sydney kitchens, aims to weave a narrative through each dish. He achieves this by using carefully chosen seasonal ingredients, some locally sourced and others specially imported from Korea, like gamtae seaweed and Jeju mandarins.

Matkim Rotational Dish2

The menu at Matkim is a constantly evolving story, crafted with the elements of air, fire, earth, and water in mind, mirroring the trigrams of the Korean flag. Guests can expect an artistic and inventive degustation, where each course unveils a new chapter in the narrative. Highlights from recently served dishes include Western Australian marron paired with a Korean crab and soybean soup, and yukhoe tangtangi, a beef tartare dish featuring live octopus, currently enjoying renewed popularity in Korea. The experience concludes with a trio of sweet treats, each a delightful exploration of Korean flavors and textures.

The intimate setting at Matkim fosters a sense of closeness, allowing guests to witness the meticulous artistry of Chef Lee and his team as they work their magic in the open kitchen. This personalized experience, coupled with the unique and flavorful dishes, promises to be a memorable journey for those seeking to delve deeper into the heart of Korean cuisine.

While securing a reservation at Matkim might prove challenging, the potential rewards are undeniable. For those fortunate enough to secure a seat, an evening awaits that transcends a simple meal, offering a captivating exploration of Korean culture, tradition, and culinary artistry.

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